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Vanilla Sky: Tom Cruise Acting Well?

When I saw this movie, it made me want to burst into so many different emotions that it was killing me. It was so sad, beautiful, and twisty that I just had to love it. I don’t like Tom Cruise, but I loved his role in this film. It was so great… I’m rambling. Damn.

Tom Cruise plays David Aames, a successful publisher who finds love in a woman named Sofia (Penelope Cruz), and when David tries to get a stalker and friend with benefits (Cameron Diaz), She ends up driving off of a bridge into a lower level of street into a wall, causing David to get facial re-constructive surgery. When Cruise feels his life slipping away from him, he begins to try to get Sofia in his life, only driving her away more.

The three best aspects of this film are:1. Direction – way to freaking go, Cameron Crowe (yes, I rhymed). 2. Acting – FANTASTIC ACTING on all levels. 3. (Here’s the kicker) The Twist – Holy hell, what a twist. I loved this movie even more after the forty-someodd twists and turns that left you in the dust, though you could easily pick up the story again and realize what was happening, exclaiming “oh my god” at the end of almost every chapter in it.

Bottom Line: A+. This is probably my fifth or sixth favorite movie, and I believe that it is a must see for everyone. Warning: Many graphic scenes are in this movie.

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