The Jacket (2005)

When I first saw this movie, I was like 12, and wasn’t really in to movies like I am now. I thought it was a good movie with good acting, and really didn’t understand anything that was going on.
When I saw it two months ago, I went out and bought it.
The Jacket was a movie that made me think and made me go “wow.” Adrien Brody and Keira Knightly both did an amazing job, and were combined together perfectly by John Maybury.

In this film, a Gulf War veteran is wrongfully put in an insane asylum, where his life is determined by the actions of a doctor. The film’s plot was amazing, and yet it was still rarely noticed. Director John Maybury, who has really made nothing in his history as a director, makes a very deep impression on the field of Hollywood, such as the impression left by Cameron Crowe when he made Vanilla Sky. Why do I use Vanilla Sky as an example? Because like Cameron Crowe, Maybury has yet to make anything good since The Jacket.

So with this film, the good aspects are everything. Great acting, script, direction, and plot.

Grade: A-. Great on all levels.

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