Avatar: Another Look

After seeing Avatar 7 times, I believe that my view on the movie will be reliable. The film, in my mind, is still the best I’ve ever seen. Though this is a truth, I have realized a couple of things. Here is my journey to finding the reasoning behind my Avatar-loving.

When I went to see Avatar the 2-5 times, I thought the same thing o’er and o’er: That was amazing. I thought this simply because of the first time I saw it still rubbing its awesomeness off on me. Then I got to thinking: Is Avatar really that good that I would spend nearly three hours in a theater five times seeing it? I saw it another two times to determine this, and thought the same thing as I did about the first time.

Now, when people say that first impressions are everything, they’re not kidding. It makes a huge difference in the field of movies. For this same reason, I refuse to see Contact, a movie that I’ve been ridiculed for disliking, but I hated it the first time I saw it, and so I never saw it again with a strict point of view.

That being said, some movies grow on you. I didn’t like Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line or The New World until I saw them both multiple times, along with all of Terry Gilliam’s films, such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Twelve Monkeys.

But there was something different about Avatar; it was just too gnarley of a movie to rate lower than “the best.” I traced the steps of my love for this movie back to the first time I saw it , which was the midnight screening of it in Atlanta, December 18. Now, I attend school, which I get to at around 7:50, so I wake up around 6:30 to start my day. When I saw Avatar at the midnight screening, I had been awake for 20 hours, which made me have the feeling of a .08 blood alcohol level. That means that my brain was making me feel like I was legally drunk.

I went into the movie, which ended somewhere around 3:00 because of some malfunctions with the previews, which we apparently HAD to watch before we could see Avatar. By 3:00, I had been awake for 23 hours, which means that I had been in the “legally drunk” state of mind for three hours. When the movie was over, I went outside with my brother, who had come to see it with me, where I looked over at him and said “holy shit.” The reason: It was either between my mind being drunk or my personal opinion. I decided it was both, though it was a mutual choice.

I ended up staying up because the movie was too, as I like to put it, gnarley, and arrived at school with a 27 1/2 hour sleep deprivation. To say the least, I thought that the movie was amazing, and HAD to see it again.

I looked at this moment in a narrative perspective, and eventually found that if I hadn’t been legally drunk in the mind, I may not have been so amazed by Avatar. Though I admit this now, I still, to reiterate, think that Avatar is the best movie in history, be it a rip of Poul Johnson’s “Call Me Joe.”

So I bid the 2009 year in movies adieu, and hope for a great film season in 2010. Good hunting, movie fans.

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  1. Wow. Obsessed much?

    People these days seem so impressionable….There have even been reports of people leaving Avatar with strong urges to commit suicide because they are so taken away by the movie. ITS JUST A MOVIE! Take it with a grain of salt.

  2. thanks, Godfather, and GSP, I was thoroughly moved by this movie, and think that it is so great that it can be life-affecting. That being said, I don’t know why in the hell someone would want to kill themself to be in heaven with the blue people. It is just a movie, but it is a DAMN GOOD movie.

  3. I really wish I could get the same feeling from Avatar as everyone else! I remember watching it, and coming away feeling, at best, satisfied (not to mentioned slightly disconcerted that the female Alien was unaccountably hot). Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely a great film, it just didn’t make that much of an impression on me. Maybe it’s one of those films you talk about that you need to watch multiple times for it to eventually grow on you. Maybe.

  4. I’ll be honest, I’ve TRIED to watch Avatar three times. I even borrowed the Blu-Ray, set it up on a nice HD set-up, and made sure everything was nice(i.e. silent in the house, pleasant mood). But I fell asleep every time(and I NEVER do that, I am a VERY patient movie-goer). The movie was just so uninteresting to me. I was fascinated by the special effects for a couple minutes, but the story was just so predictable and just not in the least bit engaging(to me). Kudos on the review, and for enjoying it so much, but I just can’t watch the whole movie in one sitting.

  5. Well, babyfacebear, I made a newly-updated review of Avatar in which I somewhat downed it. I have seen the movie 13 times. If you thought it was boring watching it for the FIRST time, try watching it for the 13th damn time. Also, I don’t think it is that good anymore. It isn’t even in my top 10 anymore. I just can’t watch it anymore, because I know EVERY LITTLE THING that happens, so it is kinda boring… hell, it is VERY boring at that point.

  6. Definitely one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of rewatching it, however, cinema is still the best place to see it. It’s just too big for the TV screen.

  7. Glad to see some people also love this movie. The people who still whinge about it being “Dances With Smurfs” and so on…are douchebags. Films are not just about the narrative – it’s about the technique and the filmmaking. Leonardo Da Vinci was not the first person to paint a picture of a half-smiling brunette, but his technique was superior.

  8. yes, but Da Vinci didn’t have Mona Lisa doing some stupid things with her hands whilst he painted her. The fact remains, now that I have changed my opinion, that the film’s writing, acting and timeliness were DREADFUL in comparison to what it could have been (the best movie ever).

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