The Book Of Eli

Runtime: 118 minutes

Stars: Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis

Directed by: Albert Huges and Allen Huges

Denzel Washington stars as this kick-ass charactor named Eli, whose mission is to travel west after an apocolypse. He has been walking for 30 years across america, to get the book safe. He carrys guns, a machete, Ipod, and his leather book. He takes refuge at different houses each night. Along his journey he stops in a town, which ends up to be a bad idea. Gary Oldman stars as the corrupt town mayor who is trying to find the book that Eli carries with him. When Eli stops in his town, and Carnegie discovers Eli has the book, which brings him amazing powers, He sets out to find Eli, kill him and take the book so he can rule all people.

When I went to this movie, I had no idea from the previews what it was about, to my suprise it was quite good. The plot of this movie was really well done. I found this movie very interesting, and I was not bored at all. Directors did an excellent job directing The Book of Eli. Acting was just amazing as well. Denzel Washington brought alot of interest to his charactor. He did a phenomenal job as Eli. He was perfect as a guy who didnt want trouble, but if it came he fought back. Gary Oldman also did an excellent job acting. He really portrayed his charactor as a bad guy, and like all other movies, succeeded to deliever. The directors really made the scenes intense at fighting and gun fire parts, and at non action parts they still made this movie interesting, so well done on directing.

The plot of this movie was great. Some things that you dont find out until the middle of the movie or ending are really interesting and shocking. Everyone needs google or sunglasses outside due to the burning of the sun, money is no good anymore, and everyones allowed to have a weapon. The world created her is done great, and is unique. It is a change from other apocolyptic movies where there are only a few survivors in the world, opposed to this movie which theyre are towns of survivors. It is a futuristic way of someone spreading the bible to the world, which is new and interesting as well. The overall idea of this movie is good.

Mila Kunis plays a young adult whose mother is blind and they both live in the town runned by Carnegie. When Eli comes through town, she draws close to him, and insists she goes with him.  Mila Kunis, like all the other actors, was really good in this. She also stars in the show family guy, thats 70’s show, bootcamp and many other movies. At parts it was a bit overboard with her, and at other parts she really brings emotion.

This movie overall was a good watch, good acting, good directing, good special effects and everything was perfect. I would definitaly recommend watching this movie. 5/5

Must see? Yes

Buy when on dvd? Yes


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