In Time (2011)

The best part comes when people are shown a digital time in their skin of their left hand ticking the time left to survive. The skin glows in green even in water and shows that the future is depending on the science and technology. When a person explains all about the factors regarding time and its importance it is the best way movie can begin. The worst part comes when things does not move according to the way it began. It turns as a movie with a couple becoming thieves and stealing time and also donating to the one that deserves. In time is directed and written by Andrew Niccol. It is distributed by 20th century fox and Regency. It is casted by Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy and others. According to me movie does give the selfishness of human beings to live. But 104 minutes was way too long to deliver the fact.

The plot is all about a future in genetic engineering where citizens are given 25 years of life to live. The rich people can gamble and earn some more time whereas the poor loses time and in the end give their lives. Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) lives with his mother (Olivia Wilde) and gives her some time for the life she has given him. He meets a person who gives him century to live. But the timekeepers track him and take the time he had. He kidnaps Sylvia weiss (Amanda Seyfried) the daughter of a millionaire Phillip (Vincent Carteiser) and escapes with her. He is chased by some gang backers who steal time and bring him down in a situation to earn some time. Now they both together move on a journey of survival. Everything keeps moving and time is just about to steal a man’s hard earned life. The best way to begin is giving an effective narration and to bring us to the main story. In Time was never interesting right from frame two. There were glimpses of heart touching scenes which went down due to the lack in the depth of the story. Storytelling never felt interesting. The characters were all there and did show their presence. With a runtime of 104 minutes the first 45 minutes did set up the plot and show the viewers that movie will turn into a serious wild goose chase in the second part. But the second part was still dumb and profound showing chase scenes, bank robbery gambling games and a quick climax to end it up. The director probably did not know how to carry forward the plot. When he started the plot he had a decision to deliver the truth people are living with. He does give many instances where time is most important and also people struggling hard to earn time. They want loans to gain time, they give away jewels and earrings to earn time. They struggle to face the truth if something has gone beyond demand. For example: In a bus when Timberlake’s mother asks for a seat driver notifies 2 hours as she has only one and half left. This is where time plays more important role than money. Another instance is when wanted posts are shown, we see bribing the driver by giving some time of life is just enough to show what does the future hold? Andrew Niccol does show his talent in explaining the back reasons of those scenes. It was really hard for him to cover up the concept in 100 minutes. So he did add a few extra doses of romance, hotel scenes and also lengthy car chase scenes to make the time tick. For the viewers this might feel like the runtime is 100 minutes and I am waiting for the credits. When the movie ends satisfaction is just 50 percent. 

Character development in the movie required a boost. For a while probably Justin Timberlake looked good as the poor guy and when he gets a century of time he becomes something un usual and takes a girl hostage to save himself. He suddenly turns into a lover and starts his job. They steal bank lockers and give time to public. They also find a situation where they struggle to get their time.  Along with Amanda Seyfried he looked cheesy and not much as an action hero. He looked the romantic guy and struggles a lot to cry with his dead mother in hand. Amanda Seyfried does not quite look beautiful as she looked evil with her expressive eyes and the way she shoots the cop is one to be watched out for. Cillian Murphy is another dull character in the movie which has just a forced purpose. He comes suddenly finds a camera image and chases the person and ends his life suddenly. The character had nothing to perform. Olivia Wilde plays a short role as mother of Timberlake. She looked like his girl friend and does not quite look as his mother. Another character gone wasted.

Performances around looked quite normal. Timberlake needs to improve as an action hero (I thought that the casting was a mismatch here). He is better as the lover boy in the movie. Amanda Seyfried is quite okay in her performance. Cillian Murphy needs to do much better than chasing down the person throughout the movie.

My Word: The concept holds interest. But slowly as it progresses it fizzles out and turns a hard story into a predictable normal fancy B grade action movie. It may not quite work out as a hard hitting action movie to be remembered. I give B and score of 2.5/4.

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  1. I felt pretty “meh” about it too.
    It’s a shame as Andrew Niccol has proved that he can both write and direct [Gattaca, Truman Show and my favourite of his Lord of War] but he just didn’t seem to know what to do with the whole idea this time round.

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