The best part comes when the origin of universe is compared to human life and depicting that love is most important thing in the universe. Along with the effective narration is the soul stirring score from Alexander Desplat. The cinematography and camera work during the formation of universe was exceptionally brilliant. The Tree of Life is written and directed by Terrence Malick. Fox searchlight and river road distributes it. It stars Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain. After the movie according to me it was a heart touching tale that explains how well love is connected at every instant. It was long nearly 130 minutes but never the plot gave up. It was continuing and till the last frame it showed that how silent hearted and touching it can say a truth.

The plot begins like a story told by a woman and also with the eldest son Jack (Sean Penn) gets the information along with his father Mr. Obrien (Brad Pitt) that his brother is dead and now he gets to give the viewers the story of him. How he came to earth? Who else joined him and how things moved on. The plot was all simple but the storytelling and narrative was engaging. As a general audience it might disappoint that nothing spectacular in here. But as a person who cares for nature existence and how well families live and people share love this one explains. Terrence Malick depicts the origin of universe like big bang theory, jelly fishes , octopuses and giant animals like dinosaurs and race for survival. Similarly he brings in the evolution of human race right from birth till the stage it starts growing and loses grip. He has the insight to compare evolution of universe with human life. He has given strong examples and showed in every instant how love emerges and shares itself. With a runtime of 130 minutes , it had the plot well planned and the scenes were just going with lots to learn and teaches audience that life is harder than it is to be. The sorrow also exists among everything and how one recollects his mistakes and tries harder to show love. There are also certain areas where children are learning from others. This is the world and parents need to be more precautious. We have a story of a hard working father caring more than required for his first son. There is ego , anger and also love in every frame. As a matter of fact movie can be continued and still go on as life does. We see father and son training to defend and also some fight where he locks his child in the cupboard for disobeying him. Then we see how love grows and makes them together again. The ending was slightly confusing but clears that point is love grows like a tree.

Brad Pitt plays a hard working man and caring father. He is supported by Jessica Chastain a caring mother and also a hard working woman. They live their lives and teach their children to grow. They looked really brilliant in their roles. The children were terrific. Among the new comer Hunter Mckracken is awesome throughout the movie. He managed to control his emotions and shout suddenly showing his anger and agony. He looked stale and weak throughout and cared a lot for his younger brother. The other children were too terrific in their acting skills. Sean Penn had a smaller role but in that he excelled.

Brad Pitt was very good in training his children to defense and also make them learn to set up a plant. He has some heart touching dialogs with his elder son. He carried away the role exceptionally. Supported him is Jessica Chastain. She too did her role brilliantly. She was calm and also careful in doing activities. She does not scream a lot and does emote well with her eye expressions. Sean Penn did a good job with his limited runtime.

My word: Brilliant storytelling and exceptional performances with great depth in characterization is all the best one can get from this. With a lengthy runtime it might seem long but as for the story is concerned it is a masterpiece. I give Remarkable(R) and score of 4/4.