“Open Water” is based on a true story and stars Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis as a couple who become stranded in the middle of the ocean, which is where most of this horror thriller takes place. “Open Water” is directed by Chris Kentis, who was also the Director of Photography.

A married couple played by Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis decide to spend their vacation time scuba diving in the Caribbean Islands. Once the two go on a scuba diving tour, they surface to find that their tour boat has left them in the middle of the ocean. Encountering everything from jellyfish to the dreadful shark, the two must somehow find a way of being rescued before they become victims of the sea-life below.

The low budget look and the fact that real sharks are used is makes it feel more realistic. The actors seemed convincingly scarred. There are many things that I can mention about this film that should make it better than it is. Nothing really happens. The two pretty much cry in despair while they float at the surface of the water. Nowhere near as exciting as it could have been and therefore fails as a feature length film.

A film like this needs to keep the viewers interested. With such a low budget, you need more suspenseful thrills like in “The Blair Witch Project”. It does have some intense moments, but not enough to keep viewers on the edge of their seat, which results in a boring movie and a waste of time. This is no where near the range of good movies or even decent ones. In the right hands, this film could have been extremely tense.

A waste of film. Lost interest for about the first ten minutes that they were stranded. The only credit that I give to this film is the fact that it seemed so real and that the acting was pretty convincing. Otherwise, the movie seemed too boring to be a full-length feature film. Take my advise and stick with “Jaws”.