In Time

In the very near future money is no longer a commodity, time is.  Everyone lives until they are twenty-five and then they are given an additional year to live.  You have to work to get more time or it has to be given to you.  Like with money, some people have a lot of time on their hands while others are living day by day.  Having the means to buy your way out is a shot at immortality.  Will Salas lives in the ghetto and he works very hard to have no more than a day to his name at any time.  Until one night that all changes and a mysterious stranger, rich in time gives him over a century for helping him escape the evil minute men who will steal all of your time given the chance.  Now Will is under investigation for stealing his time after the stranger commits suicide by the cops known as timekeepers.  Soon Will is on the run from murder charges with a hostage while he tries to even the odds between the rich and the poor, the young and the old.

In Time is a science fiction thriller full of action and suspense.  The story is a clever one, time becoming the way people are paid and how they pay their debts.  Time zones insure that the poor never bother the rich and death is an everyday part of life in the ghetto.  Sometimes the plot can be a little confusing and there are many questions that need answering, but the script is concise and straightforward.  The movie really makes you think about how the world would differ with time as the main commodity and the unequal distribution of wealth among the rich and the poor.

Justin Timberlake plays Will Salas and he is quite good in this movie.  Amanda Seyfried plays Sylvia Weis, his hostage and love interest and she is gorgeous and great.  It is a young cast for everyone looks either twenty-five years old or younger.  Cillian Murphy does an excellent job as the timekeeper investigating Will and Sylvia.  In Time is a good movie with a strong start and decent follow through as the lives and lies of the rich and the poor are exposed for the world to see.  All in all, In Time will not be a waste of anyone’s time to watch this mind bending take on what the future could possibly be like.

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