Worlds Greastes Dad

You know the old expression: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”? Well that statement fits nicely with this movie. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good movie if you like people talking about strange sex. I don’t mean strange as in on the back porch I mean strange as in choking themselves while masturbating. The reason I give this movie a low grade is because, honestly, it was just boring…The movie takes almost an hour before anything interesting happens and there are women in the movie that resemble pedifiles. But if you like talk of weird sex, Dads going insane, and pedefiles then watch this movie.

Would love some criticism (first post).Please don’t be too harsh. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Worlds Greastes Dad”

  1. That’s not really a review. More like a comment about the movie. Who is in the movie? Do they do a good job? What is the movie supposed to be about? Is it proficient at getting this message across? I think this movie was supposed to be a dark comedy (from what I’ve heard, I haven’t seen it), so is it successful in that regard? Plus, you never explained your analogy that you started your review with!

  2. the movie was very sad, passionate, and very beautiful, though the things in it were really damn weird. That being said, I respect your opinion on the matter, but overrule it by mine. The reason: YOU DIDN’T EXPLAIN WHAT IT WAS ABOUT OR WHY YOU FEEL IT WAS WEIRD! Come on, man. explain. I follow a simple pattern:

    1. Cast
    2. Director

    3. Breakdown : Give your impression of the movie, no plot.

    4. Plot : State the plot, and be bias. That’s what the breakdown was for.

    5. Best Appeals : Writting, Acting, Direction, and finer parts of the movie are discussed in this portion.

    6. Bottom Line : Recap, stating your straight-up opinion.

    I hope this outline will help you.

    p.s. How could you say it was boring?! A kid died by choking himself while masturbating to Robin Williams’ teacher girlfriend. That’s the opposite of boredom in a movie, though extremely weird.

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