Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Horror The Dentist: A Filthy Abomination

The Dentist: A Filthy Abomination

          Do you have a phobia of Dentists? Then spare yourself the two hours of pure torture of watching the 1996 film The Dentist. This film stars Corbin Bernsen as Dr. Alan Feinstone, with a young Mark Ruffalo as the manager of one of his unfortunate patients.

          Dr. Feinstone has an idyllic life until he catches his wife with their sleazy pool boy. Having a fear of germs to begin with, Feinstone’s phobia reaches levels of irrationality never imagined as he begins to hallucinate that his patients all have awful, rotting teeth. In the midst of planning his revenge on his wife for her infidelity, he also takes a patient or two down with him, including a couple of his technicians. Meanwhile, poor, sweet Sarah has been waiting for “two years and one day” for her braces to come off. Will she be the latest casualty of Dr. Feinstone’s reign of terror?

          Frankly, this movie is an abomination. The only good thing about it is how creepy Corbin Bernsen is as the maniacal dentist. Feinstone has no likeable or redeeming qualities. In fact, one actually wonders how anyone with any resemblance of a brain would go to him to begin with. His asinine fear of germs, exacerbated with his wife’s indiscretions, calls for a padded room and a staitjacket. That was before he went insane. The film is so full of cliches you can not even keep track of them all. Also, the story makes no sense; if it was his wife doing wrong by him, why does he have to hurt his patients? If they are going to him in the first place, then they must care about their teeth. His young patient, Sarah is played with such sweetness she is liable to give someone a toothache.

           Another thing needing improvement in this abortion called a movie is the music. The music comes across as too cartoonish and campy. It will make one feel like they are watching a bad detective show from the 1970’s.

         All this movie does is instill new fear into a population that is already paranoid about dentistry.If pain is what you are afraid of, then this film will have you developing aversions toward your dentist, as he may go sadistic psycho on you. If you have a fear of dentists and bad movies, do yourself a favor and run as far away from this film as you can. This film must be extracted from the public view.

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