Supernatural thrillers are very common nowadays. Having much belief in spirits or not this movie is one of those rare thrillers which can slightly frighten. Some believe and some do not believe in spirits and me being the second case I cannot speak anything logical about script. Directed by Night Shyamalan and distributed by Spy Glass is this supernatural thriller casted by Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment and co.

Spirits have unfulfilled wishes and they roam about to get the job done. Here the case is all about a boy Cole (Osment) who has the secret untold to anyone. He can see dead people and speak with them. Child Psychologist Malcolm (Willis) helps Cole solve the problem and in fact try to bury his own problems with his wife (Olivia Williams). There are some spirits waiting for help and Cole has to do something to make them rest in peace. How could such a young boy of nearly 8 years speak to spirits and understand their problem is all to watch?

Too much of deep hitting thriller or not, this one does give some spirits or ghosts roaming around the house. But when? With a runtime of 100 minutes I can say movie was fine. The plot was not set and the problem was extending till the point boy says his own secret. Once the secret is revealed the movie begins to breathe and almost towards the last 20 minutes pace picks up and does promise a thrilling supernatural finish to the movie. Well not quite scary though. Overall I felt it had its moments felt for few minutes in first half when the boy gets locked up in the door and desperately shouting for help. I wondered what happened after that. The movie has a positive sign towards climax and I thought Mr. Shyamalan’s writing was very poor. Movie can be all wrapped up in 45 minutes or so. The rest half is just long and slow scenes that impinges dialogues without much to do with the script. Who cares about credits and romance scenes in a supernatural thriller? I do not. May be the others will bury that. The first half was just moving like snail stuck in hard rain. The second half was beyond my point of imagination. Spirits asking help. They do deliver a truth. Justifiable or not I do not agree.

Mr. Willis plays Malcolm a child psychologist. He is careful very slow in thinking and also manages to carry out the role with ease. But he did not get enough scope to work with child’s mind. He seemed expert in playing mind game. He was less romantic and also not so great looking as the main lead in the movie. Mr. Haley plays Cole the 8yr old who can see dead people. He was quite scary and we do care for his character throughout the movie. He does play an exceptional role and deserves a great award. Olivia Williams had a short role played as Mrs. Malcolm who had nothing much to do than reading a certificate in the side chair and hugging her husband.

It is all about presentation that is not much of any visuals and seemed normal actors carry out the role instead of any white colored spirits. Editing was very much needed and camera work did perform to make the audience engage during the tense scenes. James Newton Howard gave a good score but needed a soul striking and nerve chilling score. Cinematography had no much role.

My word: The Sixth Sense is slow. It does get better and finish off with a supernatural finish any horror movies have. Characters are quite good and also performances are evenly great to mar the slow and less interesting script. Let me make a new choice from the regular horror movies children will not be afraid of this one. Rest of the viewers will bury the first hour into the deepest part of the body and open their mouth as the movie comes to an end. Thank God at least spirits are not scary! I give B