Within the first ten minutes of the action packed movie “Armored” you are pulled in by a thrilling scene where Mike Cochroone (Matt Dillon) and Baines (Laurence Fishburne) and war veteran and new comer to the job Ty Hacket (Columbus Short) think that there armored truck is being heisted, but turns out to be a prank that they are pulling on Ty, better yet practice for their idea to steal forty-two million dollars and pull it off as a robbery.Mike suggests this idea to Ty on their way home from work and Ty is repulsed by the idea, that the other men had all agreed to and says that he won’t do it, even though he is having money problems. When Ty arrives home he finds his younger brother Jimmy, whom he is guardian to, and a social worker. Ty is told that there is a possibility that Jimmy could be taken away from him and that they could lose their home.The next morning Mike explains to the men that the heist is off, just moments after Ty walks in and agrees to the robbery, so long as nobody gets hurt.Everything is falling into place, they had gotten the forty-two million, checked in for their status report and now they had fifty-eight minutes to get to the abandoned steel yard where they had decided to stash the money, and get back on the road.It seems that they are in the clear until Quinn (Jean Reno) realizes that they are not alone. There is a homeless man living in the abandoned buildings and Baines shots him. Ty tries to help the injured man, but Mike shots and kills him in Ty’s arms. Ty tries to reason with him and straining that they had agreed no one was to get hurt. Ty realizes he is in danger and locks himself in one of the armored trucks.Things start to go wrong one by one, an alarm goes off on the truck, which draws a policeman to the site, but shortly after his arrival he is shot and Ty manages to get him into the armored truck with him and tries to save his life. The men start to panic as their time ticks away. And things go awry when they start to turn on one another.Their plan for the heist is never really thought out fully, but their are plenty of twists and surprises in the movie that keep you from realizing that. And all of the men play their parts perfectly from Fishburne as a hot head and Dillon as the wise man in charge and Seeet Ulrich (Dobbs) who plays the scaredy cat.“Armored” is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, It was well acted out and overall action packed.  The movie is filled with blood, and action, a car chase, and lots of testosterone.  There have been movies done like this before, and looking at that this is a very well played out movie! Will it be winning any awards? No! But definitely worth a watch.

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