Top Movies of 2009

  1.  The Hurt Locker-I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie. I almost forgot about it because I watched it so long ago. The scenes were extremely intense, I really could sense the stress that the characters were experiencing. I am not a “war” movie person, necessarily, but this was definitely my favorite of 2009.
  2.  Precious-I can’t count how many times I covered my eyes in this movie. Monique’s performance was simply amazing. I wanted to reach through the screen and punch her in her face. I can’t remember the last time a character had that affect on me. Although this is a disturbing movie, it is a must see.
  3.  Up in the Air-This movie could have easily had a fairytale ending. Without ruining it for you, I will just say that it wasn’t the ending I expected. It was a realistic movie with believable characters. It wasn’t an action-packed, drama filled movie, but it entertained me nonetheless.
  4.  Avatar-I went into this movie without very high expectations. Actually, I almost didn’t see it because of all of the hype. However, I thought the movie lived up to all the talk. Visually, it was amazing, but the story was also interesting. Granted, I knew the ending within the first fifteen minutes of the movie, but the ride was fun. It kind of reminded me of a modern day Dances with Wolves.
  5. Invictus-I had never heard of the South African rugby team before watching this movie, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The acting by Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon was excellent. It was definitely a feel good movie, but I enjoyed it because it was based on a true story.
  6.  Up- I am a sucker for cartoons. I watched this movie in 3D, which I highly recommend. The message of the movie definitely hit home without being too commercial. I walked out of the theater with a huge smile on my face.
  7. Inglourious Basterds-Although this was a very violent movie, I did enjoy it. I’ll admit that I did cover my eyes a few times. The unexpected twists in the movie definitely kept me engaged. Christopher Waltz is amazing as the Nazi Colonel.
  8.  An Education- This movie is exactly what it’s title says “An Education”. If I had a daughter, after I watched this movie I would have locked her in her bedroom until she turned 18.
  9.  500 Days of Summer-I am a sucker for romantic comedies. The reason I liked this movie so much is because it didn’t have a cookie cutter ending like most romantic comedies. It was a real life movie with an “almost” real life ending.[p]
  10. Star Trek-I was never a fan of the Star Trek TV series and I don’t think I’ve seen the original move. But, I loved this movie. It was action packed without being too “in your face”. I’m looking forward to seeing the sequel.
  11.  I Love You Man-I love comedies! I actually watched this movie on my birthday. Paul Rudd was awesome. He was so awkward that I couldn’t help but laugh at him. Definitely my favorite comedy movie of 2009.
  12. Sugar-I actually watched this movie at the Kendall Theatre in Cambridge. I was interested in seeing the movie because it involved baseball, which I love. The best thing about going Kendall was that the main character, Algenis Perez Soto, spoke to the audience after the movie.
  13. Man on Wire-The only documentary on my list. This movie kept me glued to my seat the entire time. I had never heard anything about this story, so I wasn’t sure if he would make it or not. A definite must see!
  14.  The Hangover-The one liners in this movie are hilarious. Mike Tyson was also an added bonus. The best part of the movies are the pictures at the end when you see what really happened.
  15. The Road-A very depressing, serious movie. I wouldn’t recommend seeing this movie if you are already in a bad mood. You’re liable to slit your wrists at the end. After saying that, it was a great story with an ending as sad as the rest of the movie.  My Blog

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