The Ugly Truth

  Starts out with news producer Abby(Katherine Heigl) is a perfectionist she has the ideal check list for a man she wants and uses it on her date with this guy. Later she goes home and watches TV when the show The Ugly Truth comes on this guy bashes everything about women so she calls into the show. They have a tiff then to come find out her boss has hired him to do  a segment on her news show.

  Abby’s cat jumps out her window after killing her cold fish and climbs up a tree. So Abby goes out after the cat and climbs the tree to get the cat. When she see’s her sexy new neighbor then all of a sudden the tree branch breaks. Abby gets stuck hanging in the tree as the neighbor runs out to her rescue. Where he’s only wearing a towel and a awkward situation only gets worse but Abby thinks this guy could be the perfect man for her check list.

  The next day at work when explaining to the The Ugly Truth host Mike(Gerald Butler) that the perfect man does exist she decides to call her neighbor and ask him out. But he blows her off and Mike hangs up on him and talks Abby into a deal if he can’t help her land this guy he will quit the show and she agrees to let him help her try to land this guy. She thinks if she does it his way and fails then she will be rid of Mike forever.

  Mike takes her shopping for new clothes and shoes even goes as far as to get her hair extensions. Teaches her to act differently and not to ask so perfect. She thinks this is all childish and that her neighbor would prefer her the way she is but goes along with the plan. The neighbor ends up liking the Mike version of Abby and the Ugly Truth is becoming a big success on the news show. Will Mike and Abby be able to co-exist see how this one plays out.

  This was pretty funny movie with some real good humor in it. Overall worth the price of DVD rental not much more. I give it a C.


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