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American Pie: The Book Of Love

   American Pie: Book Of Love has a whole new cast of characters. While there is a whole new line up of characters they still have the same goal as the previous American pie characters and that is to score.

   Rob(Bug Hall) at the dance is looking for the girl he has a crush on Heidi (Beth Behrs). When he finds her she’s in library with another guy. After few awkward moments a fire breaks out and Heidi and Rob get Saturday detentions in library to clean up the library. While cleaning library Rob discovers the Bible aka The book of love.

   Now with The Bible in partially ruins the three some of Rob, Lube (Brandon Hardesty), and Nathan (Kevin M. Horton) set out to reconstruct it. So they go to the first book holder Mr. Levenstein (Eugene Levy) to help reconstruct it. Now with task at hand will guys get the bible reconstructed and manage there ultimate goal to score.

   This movie is full of raunchy humor as well as a lot of nudity. While this  movie doesn’t live up to the original American Pie its all and all a decent movie for the average American Pie lover. I would recommend any fan of American pie to rent this one i give it 6.5 out of 10.

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