This movie starts out with Kylie Shines (Michelle Trachtenberg) a up and coming race car driver winning races in minor circuit. Then Mr. Cates of Cates racing shows up to offer her a chance to try out for his team. It just so happens Cates racing was team her dad did drive for but they let him go that is where opening came from. People are saying her father Al Shines (Billy Cambell) is all washed up. Al left Kylie to live with her Aunt at the age of 10 when her mother passed away as followed his own racing career.

        As Kylie gets a taste of new found fame she also develops some new found feelings for her new teamate and competition for the spot on Cates racing Kid Walker (Drew Fuller). As she starts to get ready for new career her father shows up after not seeing her for 2 years. He lets Kylie know that he doesn’t think she is ready to drive big league yet espically not for Cates Racing. Kylie see’s it as father just upset that the daughter is replacing him and keeps pushing on.

      As Al forms his own new team he goes hunting for sponsors but keeps getting shut out and there for running into money problems to fund new team. So Cates approaches him with an offer that he says will bring sponsors to him The race of Generations Al Shine vs Kid Walker. But Al catches on very quickly and see’s Cats big plan is Al vs Kylie and refuses to take any part in it nothing more then publicity stunt. So will we have Race of Generations rent movie to find out.

      I watched this movie with both my daughters both enjoyed it very much as i did also find it very interesty movie. I would give this movie a 7.5 out of 10. It is a movie the whole family can set down and enjoy while it is predictible in parts its still entertaining.