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I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Wow, I have absolutely no idea where to start. What can you say about a film that manages to get so much talent aboard and still becomes a resoundingly unfunny and predictable? They are plenty of funny actors in this film and they still don’t manage to save a crappy script filled with every gay joke in the book and a story that plays it so safe as not to offend anyone that is homosexual at the cost of producing a quality movie. This is the first movie I’ve seen this year that made me want to boo in the theater. Well let me get this out of the way…

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry stars Adam Sandler and Kevin James as Chuck Levine and Larry Valentine. Two New York firefighters that are best friends while constantly risking their lives for one another in the line of duty. They work in a firehouse with the usual suspects that have made themselves comfortable riding on Adam Sandler’s coat tails, playing fellow firefighters. When widower Larry realizes that his two kids won’t receive any benefits if he dies, he looks to the only person he trusts enough to help him..his womanizing best friend Chuck. The two get hitched during a romantic getaway to Niagara falls and all seems well, However when their union is challenged by the city, the two best friends must kick their act into high gear to avoid going to jail for fraud. Its not long before Chuck and Larry’s lives are turned inside out, they get discriminated against at work and Chuck can’t tell the lady lawyer defending him (the amazingly sexy Jessica Biel) he’s falling for her.

Its hard to find the silver lining in this cloud of fecal matter, but Sandler and James do a good job in portraying how strong their friendship is. After ducking the onslaught of gay jokes and uncomfortable moments, the two display moments of friendship that come across very genuine. The supporting cast does an okay job at being terrified, Dan Akroyd (who apparently owed someone a favor) does fine as the fire chief who knows the whole thing is a sham. I know a lot of guys would agree that Jessica Biel gliding across the screen in close to nothing is a nice touch

What makes me angry about Chuck and Larry is all the wasted talent involved, and how a concept which looks good on paper can fall so flat. If you haven’t seen this movie I have an experiment for you… any part of the movie, walk out and wait ten minutes… a soda or whatever, before you walk back into the theater guess where the plot will be and when you sit back down your going to think your psychic. The whole arsenal of gay jokes are all old and stale, and the twists that are flung at the audience aren’t anything we haven’t seen before. Another awful part is that the script is  so careful not to offend, that it comes off preachy and staunch.

It’s getting late here in 07′ and I don’t watch the low budgets or Indies as much as other critics, but Chuck and Larry is bad….. I will say it is the worst movie I’ve seen this year (although, judging by the previews it might not be that way for long). Its hard for me to write this review because I enjoy all of the actors involved, but if you want your Sandler/James fix, watch Happy Gilmore or a King Of Queens rerun (especially the one when Raymond and Deborah come to visit!) and save yourself the pain of having to watch this turd.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry: F+

3 thoughts on “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”

  1. I have to agree with The Fleek… I found this movie very entertaining, much more than I expected it to be. The leads played off each other perfectly and the supporting cast all did well, in particular regular Sandler cohorts Rob Schneider and Steve Buscemi. You don’t have to be pro or anti gay to have an opinion on this movie… just go and enjoy it for what it is: a comedy which (imho) hits the perfect balance without really pissing anyone off! Well done everyone.

  2. LOL “The Fleek?” Derek has a new nickname :)

    I had high hopes going into this one because of the cast and was let down, much like you were, Rizzo. However, I was able to find some jokes that I thought worked well and the sweet solidarity of the friendship was very well developed and displayed. I liked that friendship was significantly presented as its own type of relationship. A man can love another man in the strength of friendship without anything homosexual coming into play.

    I agree that it was taken a bit too far. There was so much evident emphasis on trying not to offend anyone in the gay community that some of the strength of the scenes was lost and often did become preachy. The only “group” that the writers had no trouble pinpointing as bad guys and painting into a corner was the Christians. Oh, yeah…apparently they’re all like that.

    I’d have to agree that a 28th viewing of Happy Gilmore would be a better idea than seeing this movie. I’ll say 2.5/5 I guess.

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