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Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel, a Mr. E Movie Review

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel, a Mr. E Movie Review

(Run time: 81 min. – Directed by: Betty Thomas – Starring: Justin Long, Zachary Levi, David Cross, Jason Lee, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jesse McCartney, Amy Poehler, Anna Farris, Christina Applegate)

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel is the second installment in the “Chipmunks” franchise. This movie hits it’s target market right where they intended, but, grown ups may not be so entertained.

When we catch up with our favorite talking rodents they are traveling the world on tour. Alvin, voiced by Justin Long, is the center of his own universe. While Simon, voiced by Matthew Gray Gubler, and Theodore, voiced by Jesse McCartney, are happy in the background playing the teammate’s roles. Dave, played by Jason Lee, is at his wits end with Alvin and is trying to calm down his showboating when he’s thrown across the stage and seriously injured.

Having to rest, Dave plans for his boys to go home and be taken care of by his aunt. While Dave rests the boys are set to lead a normal life that includes going to school.

All while down and out music executive Ian, played by David Cross, is obsessing about the lost opportunity he had with the Chipmunks and scheming for his comeback. All is grim until Eleanor, voiced by Amy Poehler, Jeanette, voiced by Anna Farris, and Brittany, voiced by Christina Applegate, three female singing chipmunks arrive on his doorstep.

Now, with his new found talent and the knowledge that Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are in school he sets out with a plot to bring down the boys and elevate his girls during a school contest.

The movie is really meant for kids under 12. A lot of the jokes and scenes really play to their level of humor. The voices and their actors are really irrelevant. Seriously, they are all sped up “chipmunk-style” to the point that if you didn’t catch the credits you would’ve never known the big names behind the characters.

As far as the story goes it is passable. It’s pacing flows purposely quick so to keep the kids interested. All-in-all Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel is a cool kids flick that your youngster is sure to get a kick out of even though you might only get a mild amusement that will probably come more from the fact that your kid is enjoying themselves so much.

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