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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt




Beyond a Reasonable Doubt was undoubtedly one of the worst spoofs of this year. Exhausting the use of top name actors such as Michael Douglas and Orlando Jones, placing them in almost cameo roles in this tragedy of a film .

The story is about investigative reporter C.J. Nicholas (Jesse Metcalfe) who knows, “beyond a reasonable doubt”, that DA Mark Hunter (Michael Douglas) is a dishonest attorney who conjures up false evidence to frame innocent people in order to win his cases. In the middle of the crossfire is the assistant to the DA Ella Crystal (Amber Tamblyn) who has recently begun an affair with Nicholas. Looking for a way to put his name in the books and expose DA Mark Hunter, Nicholas devises a plan to frame Hunter. He enlists his good friend and fellow investigative reporter Coorey Finley (Joel Moore), and the two decide to implicate Nicholas in a murder in order to fame Hunter. They video tape each step of their plan in order to expose hunter at the trial, purchasing each article of clothing and paraphernalia described  as being on the murderer. When C.J. Nicholas is finally implicated and taken into trial, Nicholas and Finley believe they have Hunter framed, but Finley is killed in a car bomb and the video destroyed. Is Nicholas framing Hunter or is Nicholas framing himself…?

I rented this movie expecting to see a dynamic performance by Douglas somewhat like Gene Hackman on Runaway Jury, but Douglas is overshadowed by the bad quality of the film, which seems to exhibit the less known actors in the foreground and use the stars like accessories. Especially the scenes featuring Douglas; it almost looked like they shot this movie the same way  Bowfinger (Steve Martin) did , where they would catch Eddie Murphy here or there and shoot the movie without him knowing it. I think this movie was vastly overshadowed by State of Play which had a stronger story and less awkward moments of meaningless dialogue.


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