New Moon!

OMG.If you thought the book was good then you will love this movie.  This is by far the best movie ever made. New Moon the saga to twilight came out on the 20th of November and i still can’t get over it. In this high action pack Thriller you get to Jacob at his best. The first twilight was all about Edward and Belle. How Sweet. Well look out Edward you got some competion. Even though Belle and Edward reunited Jacob still made it known that he wanted Belle and won’t give her up. There is also some chest action for all you Jacob and Edward lovers. You surely don’t want to miss this.

1 thought on “New Moon!”

  1. This WAS an awesome movie, the ending was niiiiiice! :-) Just saw it for the second time in the cheap theaters around us, and will be wearing out the DVD after release until Eclipse comes out in June! :-)

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