The day has finally come for the wedding of Isabella Marie Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Anthony Masen Cullen (Robert Pattinson). After the fairytale wedding comes the romantic honeymoon at Islesme-a remote island in Brazil. Scuba diving, chess playing and one-on-one connection makes the beginning of their lives together magical. Until Bella gets pregnant and the fetus begins to rapidly grow slowly tearing at her insides. Once at home, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and the wolf pack wants to declare war and terminate the growing fetus fearing that it will be a danger to humans. Jacob, still in love with Bella, decides to leave the pack and defend Bella and the Cullens. Each day passes and Bella grows frailer and sicker as Sam and his pack moves closer waiting for an opportunity to attack. Will Bella die giving birth to a half vampire? Will Jacob fight against his brothers to protect the woman he loves?  

Review:            From the moment the film started, I thought it was too much like a soap opera. I was waiting for the screen to get hazy and dramatic or romantic soft melodies in the background; oh wait, the melodies were there. The script, which was majority not connected to the book, made the actors seem like they were just talking the words instead of acting it. I didn’t buy that Edward and Bella were madly in love because the scenes were also rushed. The fight scenes were cheesy and too Hollywood. It didn’t raise suspense or anticipation; it just seemed like they were dancing together let alone fighting. It wasn’t even in the book but I do understand that it is a movie trying to sell and it has to have action scenes. The film overall just seemed like it was halfway done. They even changed the looks the characters: Edward looks more human than vampire right from the beginning with his darker than the original marble skin, his eyes are a darker golden color (book fans, I’m not talking about when he needs to hunt) than the bright golden ones looking more like a human’s eyes and his hair is dyed darker than the normal light golden brown and has too much gel like a 24-hour stylist does that to him. Alice’s (Ashley Greene) hair is not pixie anymore and it looks like a synthetic wig gone wrong. Jacob in wolf form is smaller than the other films and his hair is darker too. They spent half a second on the story between Jacob, Leah and Seth which is told in depth in the book. I believe the director should have spent more time on it because it was so short I can’t even remember it. I really didn’t enjoy this film like I thought I would. All in all, I will never see this film again but I will always be a big fan of the books.