Pineapple Express

Thug Life! This action comedy flick staring Seth Rogen and James Franco will have you as high as a kite. Stealing police cars, blowing up factories and getting high makes this movie a high time fun film.

The story starts out when Dale Denten (Rogen) is working on his job by sending out supenas to people who do not want it. From there he sees his high school girlfriend and she wants him to meet her parents. Rogen is oblivious to all around him because he is smoking chronic the entire time. When he goes to his “dealer,” Saul (Franco) Dale (Rogen) discovers that Saul has hit the jackpot when he gives him the rarest joint called “Pineapple Express.” When Dale leaves he is on his way to see his girlfriend, but he parks over to take a hit and when he does, he finds himself in a mess when a police officer and a man in a robe (Gary Cole), Dale finds himself on a high adventure with Saul (Franco).

This movie was very funny. Throughout the two main characters are smoking non stop which might send a bad message to the teen youth for illegal purposes of getting high.  However, the sardonic Dale realizes his life is at stake he tries to stop smoking and get even with these thugs. Hilarious part when Franco helping Dale escape in a police car chase, Franco gets his foot stuck in the window, trying to see because he spilled a drink on the window and couldn’t see anything because Rogen’s character said, “Isn’t that what they do in the movies?”

 It wasn’t too violent, yes there were explosing machines and cars, but it wasn’t as bloody as I thought it would be. It had funny scenes and touching moments but it seemed rather homosexual; even though both men are straight, it helped them escape the bad guys. But most of the movie they were getting high and when they ecounter high school kids they ask them to pay them for the stuff that they get. In the movie getting high made them seem like they knew what they were doing, so it made them seem intellegent. That was funny!

 Overall this chronic movie will make you high wih laughter! Go see it!

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