I must admit I was not expecting this movie to be like it was. This movie was pure noir/horror and echoed Clover field in its finality. The mood of this movie was of a taciturn primal society, ravaged by an infectious disease, which would insidiously kill its host and could be passed on through the blood of the victim.

Chris Pine was excellent in portraying his character Brian, in his take no prisoners, live and let die persona. Seemingly driven by a thirst for life and preservation of he and his passengers. The film really emitted vibes of disparity and a pejorative outlook, bleak future and perpetual sun. The film seemed to pass by quickly, and seemed empty in my opinion.



The film is about to brothers, Brian and Danny (Lou Taylor Pucci) along with to women- Brian’s girlfriend Bobby (Piper Perabo) and Danny’s friend Kate (Emily Van Camp), who seek shelter at the brother’s childhood place of sojourning. When the movie opens it appears as if the foursome are on road trip, but the writing on the hood, “Road Warriors” aptly foretells the events of the future…

Everything seems to be fun and dandy until the four approach a car, they decide to get the gas from the car. For some reason they need the keys and so they open the car to find a figure ravaged by the infectious disease. As Danny reaches to get the keys the man awakens, grabbing him by the shirt. Retrieving the keys and the gas and getting back in the car, we see the mood changed and we strap into this horror film of dark proportions. If you are one for the horror/noir movie genre this is for you, on the other hand if you just wanted something suspenseful look at something like The Invasion.


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  1. yes u can… but I wouldn’t recommend it :P I mean, Chris Pine is good, but it’s a pretty depressing film.

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