I just left a Sneak Peak of this movie.This is a new movie that will be in theaters September 28. It stars Jamie Foxx and is directed by Peter Berg(Irish Terry Conklin from the GREAT WHITE HYPE). I was impressed. Terrorism is at the central theme of this movie. It is a political thriller set in Saudi Arabia. At first I was thinking Foxx was just doing another variation of Tubbs from Miami Vice (he is for the most part), but he delivers a series of 1 liner’s throughout the movie to lighten it up “Kobe is a Hater”. The supporting cast is good most notable Jenifer Gardner who kicks more ass, and gets her ass kicked in one scene than in her whole career before. Jeremy Piven shows up for some comic relief, and Jason Bateman shines in his limited role. Oscar winner Chris Cooper is almost lost in the fold ,but he is not terrible. The funny thing about Peter Berg’s direction of the film is that it feels like another Foxx and Micheal Mann(he produced) pairing for most of the film. It is very gritty(which I liked), it also has something that most of Mann’s film fall short in some good sarcasm. I do not want to give too much of this movie away it is slow in parts ,but the climax and the end are intense(major explosion and crazy gun play “Shootouts for 20 min. until we finished”)and overall I give this movie 3.5 to 4 stars out of 5. You should go check it out.

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