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Keep tryin, 50 (Review of 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin)

Keep tryin, 50

by Ma’at Atkins 

“Get Rich or Die Tryin” is the semi-autobiographical story about a rapper named Marcus, played by rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who grows up in a life of drugs and is almost killed when he gets shot violently during his climb up the gangster lifestyle.

 Directed by “My Left Foot'” Jim Sheridan, this movie was a color-by-numbers-tale with no real surprises. It’s kind of like a poor-man’s version of the more worthier “8 Mile” but more violent. The supporting characters are what makes this movie interseting, especially Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje who plays the drug lord, Majestic and Terrence Howard in a scene stealing role as ex-con, Bama.

The movie is told in narrative by 50 that gives his reasons as to how his life became the way it was. It starts off with Marcus and Bama and his crew robbing a Chinese biz and their speeding away and Marcus eventually getting shot nine times and the mystery of whether he was going to die or not. Then, it goes to flashback mode showing Marcus’ life in Queens in the early 1980s (and his idol being none other than Rick James–which is a running gag throughout the film). These scenes were interseting because it is shown how Marcus mother was a drug dealer and showing her early demise in the game, a first in the hood genre.

After that, the film pretty much is old hat, guns, drugs, power (“Love will get you killed” as 50s character says) and death. One of the powerful scenes was when Marcus was in solitary as he contimplates suicide. It was a good scene cause 50 didnt have to talk. He is not an actor and to hear him talk in that lazy tone and no expression in any of his scenes besides the usual scowl, was sort of a nuisance.

50 was his best when he was shown thinking and staring avertly showing his dilemma without acting. Another scene that was comical and was not supposed to be was the shower scene in prison where 50 and Howard fought guys in the shower naked. It was too hilarious, and I’m sure the director was not intending for it too be funny.

 Marcus’ love interest, Charlene, played by the beautiful Joy Bryant (“Antwone Fisher”), didnt have much to do here, but be pretty and make love to 50 (which also seemed comical). She was more of a plot device to keep the story going.
Overall, “Get Rich or Die Tryin” is for those die-hard fans of 50. After the curiosity has been fed of 50’s screen debut, which will be quick, you will probably wished you could have waited for the DVD to come out. If I had to rate this( Four stars being great; three stars being good; two stars being average; and one star being poor) I would give it two out of four stars.
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