Pretty in Pink

The Cast

Molly Ringwald

Andrew McCarthy

Jon Cryer

Annie Potts

James Spader

Harry Dean Stanton

The Movie

A 1980’s teen love story!  Molly Ringwald of 16 Candles and The Breakfast Club plays a delightful role as Andie, only child to her single father, Jack.  Harry Dean Stanton takes the part of Andie’s unemployed, struggling dad.  Even though Andie is a teen, she takes on far more responsibility than kids her age, working part-time at TRAX music store to support her and her despondent father.  In love with the colour pink, Andie makes all her own clothing, not particularly fashionable but unusual.  Her eccentric best friend Duckie, who is secretly in love and besotted with her, is brilliantly portrayed by Jon Cryer.  Fellow 1980’s brat-packer, Andrew McCarthy of St. Elmos Fire, stars as Blane, the handsome rich kid and co-student to Andie and Duckie.  Blane is captivated and drawn to Andie’s uniqueness and asks her to the prom.  This doesn’t go down too well with his fellow wealthy mates as Andie is not in ‘their’ league.  She is afterall, a poor girl!  Andie’s eccentric older friend and mentor, Iona, played by Annie Potts of Desiging Women fame, gives Andie a dress to wear to the prom.  It goes without saying that Andie re-designs the entire gown to suit her ‘vintage’ looks.  Duckie, needless to say, is riddled with jealousy at the prospect of his love accompanying anyone, let alone an ‘outsider’, to the prom.  We see how peer pressure in the form of Steff, aptly depicted by a preppy James Spader, prevents Blane from taking Andie to the prom.  But we also see that love has no boundaries!

Memorable Performances

The diverse characters make this film memorable!  The comedic efforts of Jon Cryer and Annie Potts give the movie a definite ‘edge’.  Look out for the scene where Duckie performs a mime and dance in the music store where Andie works part-time.  Also check out Iona’s weird hair-do’s and outfits throughout the movie –  if not inspiring, definitely entertaining!  The transformation of the prom dress is something to watch out for!

Directing at its Best

Director, Howard Deutch, perfectly depicts teenage love and life in the 1980’s!  He takes the zany, the oddball, the rich, the poor and blends them perfectly together to make an unforgettable romantic comedy.

Thumbs Up

A definite ‘must see’!  It will leave you tingly – inside and out!  You’ll want to watch it repeatedly and you’ll never forget it!

1 thought on “Pretty in Pink”

  1. Timeless classic.
    Timeless love story.
    Timeless family issues.
    Pretty in Pink was and still is easy to relate to.
    The characters are lovable and we find ourselves identifying with them.
    This will be popular for many years to come.

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