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Twilight…New to Movie Reviewing

Nowadays when you hear the word “vampire” what exactly comes to mind?  When i hear this I immediately think of…You guessed it “Twilight”.  Now tell me three years ago what would you think if i were to say this?  You would think Dracula, or a blood sucking creature trying to brutally feast on the blood of his prey.  No “Twilight” gives vampires a whole new meaning, and for that I commend them.

Twilight is about a 17 year old girl named Bella played by Kristin Stewart who is in the middle of moving to the small town of Forks Washington where she will be living with her father.  Bella is not new to the small town, but is also where she was raised.  You find that Bella meets old friends, and also makes new and mysterious ones as well.  As Bella is starting to feel home again she learns about the mysterious Cullen family.  She particularly is interested by Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattison.  Edward is what you would call the handsome boy at school every girl daydreams about in class.  Cullen is not your typical highschool guy, but also your local vampire.  As Bella and Edward get to know each other a little more you find out that Edward isn’t your typical vampire.  One day after school Bella is hanging around by her car when a near death accident happens.  In a blink of an eye Edward is there to save her, by stopping a vehicle from crushing her up against her car.  Bella is completely shocked and confused on how such an “average” guy could have stopped an out of control vehicle just feet away from her.  Curious Bella investigates on Edward knowing that something is different about him.  She finds out later that Edward is in fact a vampire.  The two become very attached to one another that even Edwards needs to feed can be controlled when he is with her.  One day while the Bella and the Cullen family are out playing baseball a group of vampires who are just “passing through” asks if they could join them.  One of the three travelers is James played by Cam Gigandent.  James lives for the hunt the chase, and the satisfactory of feeding on humans, and he’s looking one dead in the eyes.  As Edward tries to protect Bella from this hunter it shows the compassion and love that they share, and that Edward will stop at nothing to protect her.  On the other hand James begins pursuit of Bella which also begins the hunt.

Twilight was definitely a shocker to me.  I jumped into this one totally biased against this movie thinking that it was going to be a disappointment, but i wanted to see what all the hype was about.  Kristin Stewart played her part very well and, gave emotion and confusion through her character.  Robert Pattison in my opinion was a little weak.  Even though he was a vampire, and was not human like Kristin he still seemed more as if he was a little bit slow or even socially challenged.  In the movie vampires were also portrayed a lot different.  For example in the sunlight they shine and look as if they were covered in glitter.  What happend to being afraid of the light, or in that matter killing the vampire.  The main plot to the movie being that a human and vampire fall in love was very well played out.  It shows that no matter what a person is that love can still be felt between the two despite there differences.  Overall I recommend Twilight to somebody as a rent, and watch apposed to buying.

Like the title said I’m new to the reviewing.  I also understand my review is a little twisted and i jump to topics, but it was really just a write and don’t look back type of deal so that i can get some feedback.  Please feel free to say whatever you wish, and if you could I would appreciate some tips on how to make better reviews in the future.

3 thoughts on “Twilight…New to Movie Reviewing”

  1. Hey this is pretty good. I like your first paragraph and third paragraph. It is refreshing to see someone write a well thought out intro rather than just stating “This movie is about….” I like your third paragraph because you clearly explain why you liked/did not like the movie.

    That being said, the bulk of your article explains the story in a lot of detail….probably too much detail. Often, the most difficult task when writing a review is boiling down the story line to one paragraph. I would suggest mentioning the identity of the main characters, their relationship, and then explain the premise, rather than explain specific plot details and give elements of the story away to people who have not seen the movie. Finally I recommend somewhere in your synopsis to give a general description of what the movie is really about, and this should relate to your intro.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. As long as you put in the effort, people that matter will read! Let me know if you want any more tips!

  2. nice review, just remember to also write about movies you don’t like. it can’t be all one sided. i liked the review and please keep at it. also who was this movie directed by, dont forget you need to mention that to not just the starring role. (or maybe that is just me) (check out some of my reviews and let me know what you think)

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