“Caesar is home”, is quoted by an ape. It is surprising to see that an ape can speak but only one speaks in the movie, even though, that would be in the later half. With science and technology developed to peak levels, we now see an ape getting transformed into an intelligent species, which has all the talent to out beat humans. But this movie is all about a single ape called Caesar.

With the quote, we can justify that the basic plot is simple. Apes are held by humans to carry out genetic tests on a large scale and produce a drug that can cure Alzheimer disease.  We get to a character named Will Rodman who observes an ape after his experiment on her, finds interesting stuff. He works upon this and speaks to his boss. He arranges a conference to speak about it. Meanwhile, the ape comes out and causes havoc to the whole area. After being killed, we get that it was pregnant and given birth to a child. Now we see that, Will takes the baby ape and keeps in his home where his home sicken father is alive. As age passes, Caesar develops and Will finds that, genes are transferred from mother to child. Now he starts experimenting on his father, to cure him. But the ape has become very intelligent and defensive. Will puts it in cage. Now Caesar and Will separated, makes Caesar feel that he is abandoned and loses hope in Will. Now he gets to start, thinking and become an intelligent ape, to handle the humans with care, and teach them a lesson.

Characters in the movie are almost basically simple. No great characters except Caesar. Will Rodman is a simple scientist who freaks out in excitement. His friend turned girl friend or may be wife, Caroline is just a simple waste. Her character has not been etched properly.  Will’s father character has been okay for a while. We see him as an Alzheimer patient. His character ends abruptly. We got Tom Felton, harry potter fame, here just as a keeper to care apes and give them food. His character is always bad in the series and yet again he continues the same track. I wish he had better roles in the upcoming movies. Will’s boss is another big shot who just cares about money and his business. But one specific character we care is Caesar. It evolves slowly, and transforms into a green eyed intelligent ape.

Performances are normal. James Franco, who has his hard hitting career movies of all time like 127 hours and Spiderman, did not suit this movie. Any other would have been a better scientist. Frieda Pinto, who is famous for Oscar movie, Slumdog Miiionaire, was just a cheap and pure waste character. Probably she had dreams of acting in a sci-fi movie, and director might have fulfilled it.  But for Caesar, it was extra-ordinary. The motion captured CGI ape, has been the best in the movie. Let it be the behavior, his histrionics, or his circus skills, he is a leader in this movie. Thanks to Andy Serkis, who gave expressions to Caesar. I love that guy. But I expected more from him.

Presentation wise, movie did give a few goose bumps, when Caesar rules Los Angeles city with his team of apes. He is very intelligent, and to his intelligence, presentation of the movie in the last part was just pure intelligence. No much of gore some violence, neither any hard hitting scenes, but very well crafted funny but intelligent action episodes. Cinematography and camera work were brilliant at parts. Editing was neat and required some trimming.

Bottom line: Rise of the planet of the apes, needs a sequel now. For now it is intelligent, captivating with melodramatic, narration with single great characterization and awesome performance from Andy Serkis as Caesar.