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The Devil’s Double-Review

            Uday Hussein (Dominic Cooper), son of Saddam Hussein (Phillip Quest), is a rich and powerful man who can get anything and anyone he wants. The price of this luxury comes with the consequences of enemies and the burden of responsibilities. An Iranian solider, Latif Yahia (Dominic Cooper) is forced to be Uday’s double or it is death to him and his family. With murder, rape and psychotic behavior, Latif tries to find a way out. Will Uday kill his investment, Latif? Will Latif risk his family’s life to save his? How far will Uday go to keep Latif?  


            Even though this is a true story, I wasn’t captivated by this film. Although, I believe Dominic did a great job playing both roles. The ability to switch between the psychotic rich boy to the humble solider is something to remember. Looking at the two characters, I thought they were really two people because, though similar, there are features that set them apart-thanks to the makeup team. I didn’t buy that Uday was this big bad evil tyrant; I just thought he was a rich spoiled brat. He did do some unspeakable things but not terrible enough for him to claim the first part of the title of the film. I also felt that the film was missing something; I couldn’t pinpoint it but something was missing to really have the story told clearly. The film also seemed it was skipping viral sections, like more on the war on Iran and more about how it affects Uday and Latif. Sure, Latif is a scarred solider and Uday doesn’t care about the war but I needed a little more to believe it. All in all, I will not see this film again.

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