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300, a Mr. E Movie Review


300, a Mr. E Movie Review

(Run time: 116 min. – Directed by: Zack Snyder – Starring: Gerard Butler, Lena Headly)

The Frank Miller adapted 300 tears the screen a new hole! This ancient, action-packed tale of Spartan glory not only kicks some serious Persian ass, but it looks stunning while it does it!

The Persian empire is engulfing the globe and have shown up on the Spartan doorstep with the heads of fallen kings. The Persians have no idea who they’ve offended. King Leonidas, played by Gerard Butler, and the Spartan kingdom aren’t your regular, run of the mill Greeks.“This, is, Sparta!” the king proclaims and no Persian will be the same again as the King, against the wishes of the elders, takes 300 of his well trained Spartan warriors to face off against Xerxes, a self proclaimed god, and his enormous army. Leaving behind his gorgeous queen, played by Lena Headly, to play politics on behalf of the brave 300.

Gerard Butler is launched into stardom after his spectacular role as King Leonidas. But, the real star of this film is the visuals. From the dramatic background tones and camera angles to the slow-mo blood splatters and bizarre monsters, 300 delivers just what you want in the whole movie watching experience.

If you haven’t seen 300 yet, what are you waiting for! This groundbreaking movie has just what every man looks for in a movie while the ladies get 300 men ripped and running around with no shirts on! That’s a win-win!

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  1. sorry, but i think my review is better. it seem’s like you rush through you’re reviews too much. just my opinion.

  2. Yeah I like to keep it to a quick read. Especially for my DVD reviews, that are older than a few months and that have been reviewed to death. This is one of my older reviews that I just wanted to get in my collection of reviews. Thanks for the trolling. I read your review and I liked it. Good job, Spiderman.

  3. lol.. you go have a nice collection of reviews, thanks for reading mine too,
    any advice for me and my style of writing? i always like constructive critisism (spelled wrong i think?)

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