Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy A Lone Star State of Mind, a Mr. E Movie Review

A Lone Star State of Mind, a Mr. E Movie Review

lone star state of mind

A Lone Star State of Mind, a Mr. E Movie Review

(Run time: 88 min. – Directed by: David Semel – Starring: Joshua Jackson, Jamie King, DJ Qualls, Ryan Hurst) Whose sleeping with their sister? Well, Jamie King isn’t necessarily Joshua Jackson’s sister in the comedy, A Lone Star State of Mind. Although, his mom did marry her dad. A hilarious and entertaining look at small town USA that’s got an easy to enjoy storyline that might have you watching it over and over!

Earl Crest, played by Joshua Jackson, and his sister, I mean fiancé Baby, played by the beautiful Jamie King, have been stuck in the middle of Texas their whole lives. Earl doesn’t mind but that won’t do for Baby who is an aspiring soap opera actress! What’ll they do but plan their escape and move to Los Angeles where Baby can be a star. That is if her goofy, idiot of a cousin, played by DJ Qualls, doesn’t ruin everything! You see he’s been hanging out with Tinker, played by Ryan Hurst, a trouble prone idiot of a crook himself. The two rob a pizza guy, with maxi pads on their faces, for thousands of dollars and a bunch of drugs! A stunt that sparks a whole mess of Texas trouble that can cost them their lives and Earl his sex life. Earl has two days to get things back in order or jeopardize everything.

Joshua Jackson played a cool, level-headed, Earl Crest. While Jamie King, was the perfect Texas rose and DJ Qualls played his witless, pinky-less, character right on point. But, Ryan Hurst, as Tinker, stole the show! He was so outrages and out-of-hand that not only did he steal every scene he was in, but, he ended up being the most memorable character in the movie! Throw in a John Melloncamp cameo as Baby’s dad and you’ve got yourself a funny, Texas sized comedy that’ll have you rolling in the hay.

I recommend this comedy to anyone who like’s to take funny little adventures without ever leaving the couch. A Lone Star State of Mind is a sure fire winner for anyone’s DVD collection.

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