when i first saw tyler perry’s “diary of mad black woman” i was a little bit bummed and disappointed regarding certain details in the movie. i mean the mansionn the way the couple lived and their clothes doesn’t add up . anybody with a sane mind can see that black ladies no matter how rich they’re doesn’t dress up like a white lady in the 1930s( checkout the chirch scene in the end) after observing all these i almost label the movie as a piece of crap but finally i reached into the conclusion that even if the movie construction is lame it gives a well needed  good moral lesson to the people in the present society so i let it go but lately all the sequels of tyler perry to the ” saga of the gun packing grandma” are looking more like a sunday morning church gospel and less like a proper drama movie. have you ever noticed how frequently the phrase ” accepting jesus” “talking to jesus” etc appear in the movies . dude i’m glad god straighten up your life for you but let me tell you no one wants to be told about “how accepting jesus takes to heaven and the opposite gets you toasted in hell” on their time off from work and tries to relax religious is a personal issue and i hope he stick to making a real movie . i want to hear what everyone is thinking on this matters. what do you think guys?