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Accepted, a Mr. E Movie Review



(Run time: 90 min. – Directed by: Steve Pink – Starring: Justin Long, Jonah Hill, Adam Herschman, Columbus Short, Maria Thayer, Lewis Black)

I want to recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen the comedy Accepted to check it out. This movie caught my attention a couple of years ago while surfing through the local rental store. After taking it home, popping it into my DVD player, and laughing my butt off I proceeded to purchase the movie the next day! Seriously.

The story is about a high school graduate named Bartleby Gaines, played by Justin Long, that fails to get into college and whose parents simply just don’t understand why? So, instead of disappointing them any further he invents his own college with the help of his friends. He then proceeds to fake that he got accepted into it. The school he created? South Harmon Institute of Technology or S.H.I.T. and their mascot a sandwich! A S.H.I.T. Sandwich! Their newspaper is call The Rag. The S.H.I.T. Rag! Hilarious.

Upon opening the school on false pretenses to impress his parents Bartleby’s best friend Sherman Schrader, played by Jonah Hill, in his planning, made the college website really work! And, on the first day of orientation over 300 students show up to become S.H.I.T. heads! Now, Bartleby and his friends have to make South Harmon Institute of Technology really work or face exposure.

Justin Long, as Bartleby was fast-witted and funny. Jonah Hill as Sherman was as good as they come as a sarcastic straight man. The supporting cast of the great Lewis Black’s character who was as funny as hell, Maria Thayer and Columbus Short who where both really good. But, the movie stealer award goes to Adam Herschman, as Glen the clueless, out-of-his-mind, burnout! Glen is so funny that I think he should get his own spin off movie!

The story was hilarious, the jokes on point, and the acting was great! As I said in my intro Accepted kicks butt and you should really give this comedy a try whether your kicking it with friends or just looking for a good movie watching experience by yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


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