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Twilight, a Mr. E Movie Review



(Run time: 122 min. – Directed by: Catherine Hardwicke – Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner)

I told myself 1. I wasn’t going to ever watch Twilight the movie and thus 2. I would never have to review Twilight the movie. BUT, after hanging with a group of my friends, most of which happen to be girls that night, they insisted, know I wrote reviews for movies, I see it after they found out I was the only one not to see it. I tried to resist my prejudices about the films genre that was focused on tween girls but they over powered me. Now, after seeing the movie I have to admit…I liked it.

The story is about a girl named Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, who moves to Forks, Washington to live with her Dad. There she meets Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson, a mysterious student at her new high school. Bella soon discovers that Edward has a secret, after he saves her life from a runaway van with his super-human strength and speed. She is determined to discover his secret, but when she does the truth is more than she realized. Edward is a vampire. And Edward and Bella fall passionately and unconditionally in love with each other. They begin a forbidden relationship between a human and a vampire that has their families at odds. But the young lovers soon discover that their troubles are only just about to begin when traveling vampires decide they want to get to know Bella on a whole different level.

Kristen Stewart played a great leading role while Robert Pattinson played one of the coolest dude’s, I mean vampires, ever. I think their on screen chemistry was worthy all the endless press they’ve received since the release of this movie. I really only wish I had dropped my machismo feeling about this flick earlier!

I definitely recommend this movie to all the guys who felt the way I did about Twilight. So much so, that I’m looking forward to the next installment in the Twilight series, New Moon. This was an awesome story, great visuals, and an as cool as they get vampire movie.


3 thoughts on “Twilight, a Mr. E Movie Review”

  1. dude i’m sick of this dumb,typical chick flicks movies come on vampires are sort of the longest living fantsy scary creatures. they have their own legends they don’t go into the sunlight and they don’t fall in love with their prey.

  2. Yeah, I sort of agree. I mean like I said I didn’t want to watch it but after I did I realized it wasn’t bad of maybe it was because I cute girls leaning on both sides of me? I don’t know I’m still waiting for the blood to return to my head!

  3. Say what you like about Twilight, its sequel New Moon is one of the single funniest movies I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s like one long sketch. The scene where Bella gets clotheslined across the room to “save” her from Jasper… Priceless!

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