Cabin Fever (2002)

Gather you’re friends, pack you’re camping gear and don’t forget the beer for a camping trip that might be you’re last. Cabin Fever is the Directorial debut of horror master Eli Roth. Starring Ryder Strong, Jordan Ladd, James DeBello, Cerina Vincent, and Joey Kern.

Cabin Fever is a horror flick with a twist of comedy, wrapped in bloodshed with a heavy dose of gore. Paul (Ryder Strong) and his five college friends head up to a nice secluded cabin smothered by woods on every-side, where everyone is excited because all there college finals are over and there ready to let off some steam. When they get there Jeff (Joey Kern) and his extremely beautiful girlfriend Marcy (Cerina Vincent) head straight to the bedroom for a little “alone time”. Meanwhile Paul and Karen (Jordan Ladd) the girl he secretly likes, head off to the lake for a little swim. All the while Bert (James DeBello) the comic relief of the film heads off alone in the woods to go squirrel hunting. All seems normal, everyone is having a great time until Bert accidentally shoots a ‘hermit’ thats wandering the woods, he looks like his skin has gotten ripped off. All he can say is ” help I’m sick, I need help.” Bert freaked out by the way he looks says he’ll go get help and runs off, but he never does and he never tells his friends he shot someone by mistake. Later that night there all having a good time by the campfire Paul telling a scary story, freaking everyone out. There all startled by a fellow camper named Grimm (Eli Roth) after it begins to rain Grimm leaves and the friends head back to the cabin. To pass the time before Grimm returns they tell more stories and hear a knock at the door, it’s not Grimm. It’s the hermit that Bert shot and he looks worse than ever. After giving him a blanket and sending him on his way, the hermit tries to steal the car, they all grab weapons to scare him off, while in the car the hermit starts to violently vomit blood all over everything. They eventually scare him off, but not before accidentally lighting him on fire. This is the start of a chaotic, blood filled weekend , and the beginning of a diseased pandemic that will have you watching the movie through you’re fingers.

Cabin Fever is a little slow story wise in the beginning, but that’s OK because the very funny humor makes up for it. You laugh before you get grossed out. The actors do a great job in the believability department. The directing is genius I would expect nothing less from Eli Roth. Great use of camera angles, paired with either intense or eerie music. For me Ryder Strong plays the meek Paul Perfectly. Love Ryder or hate him either way he steals the spotlight.

I highly recommend watching Eli Roth’s first movie it will not disappoint. This movie has it all humor, gore, nudity and an ending you wont believe. So go gather you’re friends around the campfire and witness a cabin getaway you wont forget easily, But please don’t forget to bring you’re own water.

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  1. I thought this movie was pretty decent. I’d give it 3/5 instead though because I thought it needed a little more to the story and it had way to many random moments that were not needed. I do agree that Rider Strong is great here. I wish he would get more roles because he’s a really good actor.

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