Hard Candy( 2005)

Director: David Slade

 Starring: Ellen Page & Jeffery Kohlver

 This is movie starts off as a instant messaging between Haley and Jeff.

Haley is a mature 14 year old girl who likes to read her dad’s medical books and Jeff is a 32 year old guy who seems to come off as shy and collective. But dont let this shy guy act fool you Jeff has some skeletons in his closet.

 This movie really shows you that you should be careful on who you meet up with off the internet especially if there is a big age difference.

 So, the scene starts off with Haley and Jeff talking, Haley flirts alot with Jeff and he trys to ignore it but he is still a man so its hard for him to resist a young girl like Haley.Towards the end of the conversation Haley basically invites herself over to Jeff house. This is where the movie starts to take a turn you might not first notice it but you will once the movies hits the middle. Haley seems to be very aware of Jeff’s place , he has photos of underage models which Haley starts to believe he has a thing for young girls. Once Jeff fixes them a drink Haley refuses and decides to make it herself. This is a wrong move on Jeffs part, as the drinks are flowing Jeff gets drowsy and you just think he is drunk. But something is wrong here, Haley mentions to Jeff you should never take a drink you havent mixed yourself he shouldve listened to her.

He passes out and when he wakes up he is in a chair tied up. Accusations start to flow of Jeff being a prevet because he likes to talk to young girls. Haley is not the girl Jeff thought she was . This is where the story starts to change  its now a game of cat and mouse as Haley starts to torture him , the movie may be long for some people but its worth waiting for.

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  1. I loved this film! Ellen Page did a fantastic job with her roll as Haley Stark. She most deffinately added her own touch to the character.

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