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Rob Zombie’s Halloween

Rob Zombie’s Halloween is my favorite slasher (I have not seen the original yet). I put this in my DVD player expecting a typical slasher except more aimed at baby sitters. So, hopes were low, but I like slashers, so I assumed I would like it. I didn’t like it. I loved it. The beginning, in my opinion, was the scariest part of the film because there is so much suspense and seeing a kid actor do those scenes was just scary. Not the “jump from the shadows” scary, no, real horror. The horror you get from the atmosphere, the suspense, and the final action all mashed together in an adrenaline thrill ride. However, after we see him as an adult, it’s not as scary. My heart was still beating a bit hard but it shifted from an adrenaline thrill ride to just a plain slasher film which isn’t bad. Well, there a lot of build up but once he starts killing in town, it doesn’t stop. I really like slasher films just because they are the best kind of horror to me, if done right.So, the back story is pretty solid and I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the film and it’s usually about how it differs from the John Carpenter film, which I plan on watching soon to compare the two, but if you haven’t seen the original then this is a great horror. I am split about how the film went on. I felt like after we jumped to adult Meyers, we changed all the gears into a different feel. Just seeing lil’ Mike kill was the best part of the film because it was the scariest but it wasn’t slasher. So it’s hard to say which half of the film I liked more.I would like to touch on things outside the plot and look at the technical and acting parts. The acting was pretty good, the hill-billy types seemed over the top and the “yeah, like, no way” teenage girls annoyed the hell out of me but that’s not really the acting. The looks of this film were very well done. A shaky camera done on purpose was a bit annoying and there is a single scene when Loomis is talking to the sheriff and whenever they cut to Loomis, there are these purple circle glares on top of Loomis. Then again, at that point I’m just picking at this film.Overall, the plot was good and made me care about the characters, the filming and directing were good, and just a great slasher film with a crazy suspenseful beginning. I’d give this film a 6/10. I give it six because even though it’s a great slasher film and a good horror, it’s not very new. Yes, it’s a polished slasher film but I got that with the new Friday the 13th. I don’t believe it’s the best horror by any means but it was nice for a slasher fan. If you’re not, you’ll probably just forget about this another “last ditch effort to save the slasher genre”. I’ve heard that a few times and I believe that the slasher genre is just getting started. I believe the biggest part of this film is that I’ve been a Jason fan my whole life but I do believe that Rob’s Halloween Killer tops the Machete King. I might change my mind about if they make a sequel to the remake of Friday the 13th (which I loved).So, yes, 6/10

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  1. Hi Red Conine,

    Just read over your review and I think it was good over all but I think it missed the target a bit.

    I don’t see a summary here and as a reader I would want to know at least a little bit about what is going on in the movie. You stated it was a slasher movie but we already know (or at least a movie person should know this) it is. Just a little more detail and all will be good.

    As I said, over all it’s pretty good. I agree with you about the early versus the late. The earlier was much better. I have seen all the Halloween’s up to this point and I was glad someone finally went into detail about what happened before Michael was grown up.

    You gave the movie a 6 out of 10. In the range of what we use here at moviefilmreview, I would say a 2.5. I liked it but it still lacked enough to make it a great slasher film. As you said, not enough new material.

    Again, good review and look forward to reading more of yours.

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