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My Best Friends Girl, a Mr. E Movie Review

My Best Friends Girl

My Best Friends Girl

(Run time: 112 min. – Directed by: Howard Deutch – Starring: Dane Cook, Kate Hudson, Jason Biggs, and Alec Baldwin) 

My Best Friends Girl is a Boston based comedy starring, the funny as hell comedian, Dane Cook. This movie is a perfectly played out extension of Dane’s stand up. It’s raw, roguish, and right to the point. In the movie he plays an eternal a-hole that has a special way with the ladies.

Dane is hilariously perfect!

Dane plays Tank, nicknamed for his ability to “tank” a date, on purpose, and for pay. The guy every ex-boyfriend wants his newly ex-girl to date. (If said guy wants his girl to come running back to him in a full sprint!) And he’s very successful at what he does. But, when his cousin Dustin, played by Jason Biggs from American Pie, falls for Alexis, Kate Hudson from Fool’s Gold, he has to take on his biggest challenge to date to help his hopeless cousin to further his hopeless relationship. 

 Jason Biggs is good playing the socially awkward character. He seems to find his comedic place and stays there. I loved him in the Pie movie’s but not in anything else until now. Oh, and it’s pretty funny when he loses the eyebrow’s too! 

Kate Hudson on the other hand plays the hot chick role to perfection. I didn’t know she could play someone so quick witted with such perfect comedic timing! I honestly skip most of the movies she’s been in and think that was a mistake. I’m gonna give her another shot after this performance.  

Then there’s Alec Baldwin. He is funnier in this movie than I’ve ever seen him in any role, ever! He plays Tanks father Professor Turner, an overly obsessive womanizer whose got the funniest timed lines in the movie! (We see where Tank gets his skills.) 

If I had to recommend an at home date movie to anyone this would be it. My Best Friend’s Girl touches on a lot of taboo’s and truths that would really help break the ice on any date! Wink, wink.

I think this movies perfect for the twenty-one to forty-nine crowd, check it out, you’ll love it. For more information on the Mr. E rating system visit my

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  1. I’ve just done a review on this one (a bit slow on the uptake lol). But I love your review – check mine out. I’ve seen some awful reviews on this one so I was glad to see yours was as positive as mine. ps: where are you? You’ve been so quiet…

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