Impossibly cute, wonderfully fun and featuring gorgeous animation, Disney’s straight to video release of Tinker-Bell is great family fun and is jawdroppingly adorable to watch. Featuring, arguably, Disney’s most popular heroine and famous Peter Pan sidekick, Tinker-Bell tells the tale of Tink’s humble origins and her first full-length adventure.

Newly born fairie, Tinker-Bell, has been sorted by destiny into the Tinker fairie group (think the sorting hat from Harry Potter, only without a hat), and after taking in the breathtaking new world around her in “Pixie-Hollow,” Tink begins to wish for something more than a life “tinkering” with old bits and pieces and just building things for the other fairies, all of whom get the experience of traveling from Neverland to the mainland to help change Earth’s seasons.

As the preparations for Spring come to a close, Tink enlists the help of her reluctant new friends to try and teach her each of the other fairie talents, hoping she’ll learn something that will enable her to visit the strange and exotic mainland she keeps hearing about. However, even as Tink resists her true calling, she begins to unwittingly embrace her destiny as a true Tinker and uses her talents to help her fellow fairies bring Spring to everyone on Earth.

This drives home the familar Disney message of dreaming big, but in this case, also a welcome message of recognizing who you are and what your talents are and how you can help the world with your own talents, instead of wishing for someone elses. Also a nice theme with Tink’s longing to go the mainland, even though she’s told that Tinkers never do. Its a nice Disney-esche theme of dreaming for things that other people say you can never have, and having the will to work for it anyways.

While, yes, the film is kinda cheesy and very, very kiddy at times, the film is also very cute. That point cannot be stressed enough, and the cuteness of the film really makes up for any kiddy moments or any of the few flaws the film may have. The voice talent, including Mae Whitman as Tink, as well as Anjelica Houston and Lucy Liu, all do a great job and the character animation is very well done. Especially that of Tinker-Bell herself, capturing the same sass and spunk of emotion we’ve all come to love in the previous Peter Pan animated films.

The only thing that took some adjusting for me, and it didn’t take long, was the fact that little Tink and her fellow fairies are speaking. I realize it would be kind of a dull movie if they weren’t, but there was honestly something about that character, of Tink I mean, in the original Peter Pan. She never spoke a word and yet was filled with life and energy, a spunk, and her character was so endearing. Like I said though, it doesn’t take long to realize the fairies are speaking to one another and thats fine.

A fantastic, adorable and fun family film for any fan of the character, and fan of great Disney entertainment. While there is certainly things to focus on and be negative about, anyone doing so isn’t allowing themselves to just experience a fun animated film. It is also not the best film ever, nor is it trying to be. It just is what it is, and thats what makes it so poignant. Also look for a fun little connecting scene to the original Peter Pan in the final scene!

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