Shark Tale(2004)

From the directors and writers  that brought you  Flushed Away,The Bee Movie,Chicken Run and one of 2009 biggest hit Monsters vs Aliens. Brings you Shark Tale starring Will Smith.The movie starts off with the Lenny(Jack Black)he is a shark that does not eat meat and he is not the regular shark you see that eats fish Lenny is a vegetarian and his brother and dad hate it so does the rest of the sharks.So in the beginning of the film Lenny and his dad go deep in the ocean and find this worm hanging from a fishing hook and Don Lino(Robert De Niro) tells Lenny to eat the worm But Lenny does not want to eat it and of course Lenny lets the worm go.His dad was really disapointed at him. After that part it went to the star of the movie and his name is Oscar(Will Smith).Oscar is a person that always thinks about there life if he was rich. Oscar works at a place called the Whale Wash he doesnt really get paid much but at least he follows his dads path of working at the Whale Wash.His worked at the Whale Wash and was the employee of the year for many years that have past.Also Oscar works with this other girl fish that she secretly has a crush on.Her name is Angie(Renee Zellweger).Oscar has a boss that does not see him as a person thats good at the Whale Wash he thinks Oscar is a failure.His name is Sykes(Martin Scorsese).Last of all it is Ernie and Bernie there both brothers and they always hang around Sykes.There his little helper when things go bad.So later in the story Oscar finds out that he ows Sykes 5,000 bucks but Oscar listens to rumors about a seahorse called Lucky Day and Oscar bets everything on Lucky Day  so he can be the richest fish in the sea. A lady heard that he made the bet and her name is Lola(Angelina Jolie)she only cares about people with lots and lots of money she also cares about there succes in life.The race started and Lucky Day started off bad while everyone was ahead of him . After Lucky Day started going faster and made it to the beginning with the rest of the horses. Oscar and Sykes were so suprised and they were already celebrating .Wait, at the last second Lucky Day fell and really hurt his face. People would expect something would happen like that so Oscar did not win the bet so he wasted all of Sykes cash and told Ernie and Bernie the jellyfish to take Oscar to the deepest and darkest place and beet him up.So they did and started stinging him.What will happen next watch this film to find out.      What made this film so good was that they had some characters that you would not expect like the shrimp(David Soren) in the film and Crazy Joe(David P. Smith). I miss Will Smith and his comedy and so does everybody else this movie was a good film.Also this film came out in 2004 were many other good cartoon movies hlike Shrek 2,The Incredibles, Those are all good movies of 2004 and many other good movies I give this movie a four stars.

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  1. Usually a movie review does not need to go into such excessive detail explaining the plot. Just sum it up in a paragraph and get the main points across….main points being what this movie means and/or why someone actually spent time to make it. The rest of the review should be your opinion; what makes it good and bad or ambivalent. Finally, if you take the time to write a review, at least take the time to write it well. I think there are substantial mistakes in just about every sentence, and it makes you sound like you’re 8. If you are 8, well, keep working on it kid. If you want people to read your writings, make it worthwhile.

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