Ice Spiders

“Ice Spiders” stars Patrick Muldoon as Dan “Dash” Dashiell and Vanessa Williams as Dr. April Sommers. The film is mainly set on ski slopes with what characters in the movie refer to as “ski bums”.

The story is your typical government screw-up. After discovering a way of using a spider’s web for defensive purposes, the government created a lab in a sub-zero temperature zone. This is because spiders don’t like cold temperatures. With the help of Dr. April Sommers, the government fed the spiders a steroid like substance to make the spiders grow at an accelerated rate. All of this turns to mayhem when the spiders get loose and are more immune to sub-zero temperatures than expected.

Those who say that the special effects are great are really pushing it here. The spiders are done with lazy CGI, but this is still better than some horror movies that made it to the multiplexes. With some more decent special effects and a tad bit more gore this could have really found some fans. The acting in it was uneven. By this I mean that some of the acting fit the characters while some of the acting just felt forced. This I would blame on the director.

It was originally aired on the Sci-Fi channel, which is very appropriate for this type of film. I really didn’t expect much from it and that is what I got. A film that really left me with nothing to talk about. I was distracted from the beautiful scenery by the tired CGI effects. Just like any other Sci-Fi original movie with nothing much to recommend.

The main problem with Ice Spiders is it’s short on gore, which is a big thing for me. The body count might have been high, but you never really get to see any of the slaughtering. What I like most about it is that it was originally aired on cable. The directing was inert and the story felt trifling and lifeless.

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