The Rocker


The Rocker is like the unproclaimed sequel of The School of Rock. This movie features Rainn Wilson(Juno) as a destitute drummer thrown to the wayside by his former band.


As I mentioned afore, the story somewhat mirrors the events of the The School of Rock and is basically the same story accept for the fact that the rocker is a drummer and not a guitarist.


Robert Fish (Rainn Wilson) is a drummer in a band comparable to The Motle Crue called Vesuvius. In the heat of success they are invited to open for a bigger band called Whitesnake, simultaneous they are offered a record deal, but only if they drop “Fish” for the producers relative who is a drummer. Rather than retain their comrade they dip him for fame and glory.


Destitute Fish takes on the “normal life” as a working stiff dissatisfied with life and constantly seeing references of his past. Suddenly an opening arises when his nephew’s band loses their drummer and Fish begs for entrance into the band. From here on we get a really good comedy that is fun for the whole family, or maybe the teens and up. Your choice.


I really enjoyed Rainn’s acting; he was intensely funny and evenly comparable in comedy to Jack Blacks Dewey Finn. The two movies seem to be offshoots of one another and one is not done better than the other, but equal in stature.


Rent it, I would say.





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