Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is a comedy movie like any other, there is no joke in it you won’t at least chuckle at. Hot Fuzz is a comedy/action film Directed by Edgar Wright and Starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Timothy Dalton, Jim Broadbent and other stars.

 It centers around veteran London Metropilan police officer Nicholas Angel, (Pegg) a cop who is so good he makes makes everyone else jealous. After he is made to move to a smaller village named Sandford (albeit with a better rank) because he is so good, he immediately spots many illegal acts going on, but everyone ignores them. He arrest one man named Danny Butterman (Frost) who turns out to be a fellow a police officer and has already served his sentence, eating a bowl of ice cream. He becomes Nicholas Angel’s unofficial partner, much too the annoyance of Nicholas, and they go through a series of hilarious events, one of which has them trying to catch a swan that has escaped. Nicholas soon realises Sandford seems to have an incredibly low murder rate, but, an increasing accident rate, and soon after a series of “accidents” Nicholas and Danny learn the gruesome secret of Sanford, but not without some laughter along the way. It all comes down to an incredibly overwhelming climax with an action packed showdown and a twist  ending.(Confusing decaffeinated with decapitated has never been so funny)

The acting in this film  is exceedingly good with all the A-list stars showing their A-list quality. One scene at the end (i won’t ruin it but you’ll know which one) Pegg starts crying out for Frost and you really feel he cares about him in a very convincing way. the chemistry between Pegg and Frost is just as good (if even better) as in Shaun of the Dead and in one scene they are both sitting on a couch and talking over Nicholas’s relationship, there eyes meet, the tone in there voices is touching and just when you think they are going to kiss….Frost gets up and puts on a DVD. Timothy Dalton also does a great job playing as Peggs nemesis Frank Skinner. He really is genuinely creepy and his slow, deep voice is very intimidating, and all the time having a great mustache. Even the supporting cast with Paddy Considine and Rafe Spall playing Andy Wainwright and Cartwright do a very funny job as the sarcastic detectives who don’t believe Nicholas Angel. It truly is believable that they hate Pegg and their one liners are some of the best i’ve ever heard, “You wanna be a big cop in a small town?, f**k off up the model village”

One of the best points of the movie is actually it’s great soundtrack. The main theme song is a grunge rock track that really gets the adrenaline pumping and fits well with the fast action of the film. The comic timing and lyrics to a song can add a quick giggle such as the songs featured on Frank Skinners Radio that inexplicably connect to the storyline (a man is burned to death so Fire by Arthur brown plays). Other music consists of 60s and 70s British rock bands, (such as The Kinks and The Troggs) Indie American and British bands (Fratellis and John Spencer) and New Wave (Adam Ant and XTC). all feel very appropriately high tempo that gets the blood pumping and in other scenes like when their all in the pub, its music you would just chill to in real life. Those who simply want music will be disappointed as the characters dialogue is interwoven into the music rather than being separate.

Overall, Hot Fuzz is one of the best comedies i have ever seen. It’s jokes are thick and fast for most of the movie and the timing of the actors is really well done. The acting is top notch with the main cast doing an excellent job and the chemistry between Pegg and Frost played out in a convincing manner. The action in it, especially the ending, is a rush and really entertaining and the soundtrack plays well in getting you exited. You should not miss out on this great film and i would highly recommend it to anyone.

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