“Walk the Line” is the beautiful drama about the life of the “Man in Black,” Johnny Cash. The talented stars of this film, Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, are Golden Globe nominees for sure! This movie was deemed as “brilliant” and “masterful” by The Wall Street Journal. The film takes you back to the peak of Johnny and June’s careers. It is set back in the fifties-sixties era showing us the trials and tribulations of a country music star.

      The movie begins when young J.R. Cash is a child on the farm. He is very much scarred by the accidental death of his older brother and the destructive, emotional abuse of his father. As Cash reaches his early adult years he quickly joins the Air Force where he is first inspired to write his infamous song “Folsom Prison Blues.” After the military he marries Vivian Liberto. Even in the beginning of their marriage their relationship was unstable with constant fighting. When John Cash rises to fame he meets June Carter and becomes very infatuated with her. They both share strong feelings for one another but choose not to act on their desires. Towards the end of the film June tries to help Johnny shed his drug addiction and let go of his faulting ways, not knowing if she can prevail.

   The stars of this film (Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon) just have natural chemistry and charisma. The way Phoenix stated, “Hello, Im Johnny Cash,” was just riveting! He puts so much honesty into the character. Witherspoon does very well of displaying the spunk and bubbly personality of June Carter. They both have such an uncanny honesty in their acting styles that keep you wanting more.

  The music featured in the movie is absolutely, “out of this world.” Phoenix and Witherspoon have vocals that really compliment one another. Through the songs and the way they looked into each other’s eyes, I truely believed they were in love. Phoenix had the tone of his singing down pat, and Witherspoon just blew me away with her vocal styling. I personally feel she sings better than June herself. I would literally get chills when Phoenix and Witherspoon sang a duet. Of course the bluesy riff sound from the guitars was just icing on the cake.

   At the end of the film I was just in awe. I thought it was a total masterpiece! It seemed about every aspect of the movie was perfect…. To me that is a quality film. I would most certainly recommend this movie to someone that wants to see romance, drama, and good music rolled into one!