Cast: Sam Rockwell and the voice of Kevin Spacey. 

Plot: Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell), has been on the moon for the past 3 years sending to Earth information he finds that will help our planet’s power problem. He works with his computer, GERTY (voiced by Kevin Spacey). We follow Sam during his last 3 weeks on the moon. Until a freak accident on a mission causes Sam to crash and hurts him badly. He wakes up in the infirmory but now he is not alone. Now there is another man with him who looks just like him and even has the same name. Who is this man? And why is he here?

Breakdown: Moon works on many different levels. From the great storyline to the wonderful special effects and scenery. This movie may have very well been shot on the moon for I know, it looks that amazing. First time director Duncan Jones does a fantastic job his first time in the director’s chair. The movie could have been a disaster being that it is basically only one actor on screen the entire movie, but Jones makes everything work here and there really aren’t too many flaws in this movie.

Performances: Really there is only one actor in the film for the entire movie. Sam Rockwell gives one hell of a performance here. He not only does a good job but he plays two different characters who are essentially the same character but have many differences. He gives both of the Sams different personalitys and even though they both look the same you can really tell which is which. Rockwell really needs to get recognized for his brilliant performance.

Conclusion: Moon is a one of a kind movie. With one spectacular performance, amazing set pieces and an all around great story.

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