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Happy Death Day Review

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Happy Death Day

Starring:  Jessica Rothe, Isarel Broussad, and Ruby Modine

Rating:  R

Run time:  1hr. 36mins.

With the plethora of television channels, we have at our finger tips, it is amazing that there are times where there is nothing to watch.  But strangely enough, on the rare occasions we do find something good on TV, it is usually around one or two o’clock in the morning.  We think to ourselves, how did we miss this one at the movie theaters?  As we wake up from the effects of the cinematic insomnia from the night before, we come to the realization that maybe the late-night hours and the mind suffering from mental starvation contributed to the enjoyment of the movie.   This brings me to my latest film review of Happy Death Day.  If it would have been Friday or Saturday at 1 o’clock in the morning then Happy Death Day would have been a must-see horror cult classic.  But unfortunately, it was seven o’clock in the evening and my nourishment of mental stimulation suffered from malnutrition.

Tree (Jessica Rothe), relives the day of her murder repeatedly to figure out the identity of her killer.  She discovers that everyone on her college campus is a suspect.   Every time she awakes from her death, it takes a toll on her both mentally and physically, shaping her into the person she is meant to be.

Scott Lobell’s (X-Men writer and co-creator of Generation X) script, although creative in thought, falls flat.  But he cannot solely be to blame.  He he has help from director, Chris Landon, along with the humdrum cast of actors that put this “Scream-like” attempt of a slasher movie onscreen.

Happy Death Day uses what seems like retro 80’s horror music to build the tension of the scenes, but it comes across as silly and lacking suspense.  The jokes are crude in dialogue but not funny.  Like when someone farts to be funny, but no one is laughing except the person farting.   (This is literally in one of the scenes in the movie.)

Jessica Rothe’s (La La Land) performance is mediocre as the heroine. But, sadly,  it is the best performance in the movie.  To compensate, I found myself trying to figure out the identity of the killer.  Doing this makes this movie worth watching on a late night movie watching binge.  It takes you from your original theory of the killer only to second guess yourself time and again.  The best part of the movie is the one tooth smiling, black jogging suit wearing, wide blue eyed knife wielding giant baby as the murder.

While watching the film, I did have a flashback of my youth, coming home from school and watching the after school specials.  I found it odd that I was watching a horror movie that has an underlining question or theme that if you can relive a moment of your life, repeatedly, would you notice things about yourself to make you a better person?  Maybe, if I could relive the day I woke up to watch this film, I would have chosen different one.


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