Author: Sean K. Mitchell

Birds of Prey: The Epitome of Lunacy

Although viewers laugh with astonishment of the dysfunction of Harley Quinn that is so brilliantly portrayed by one of the best actresses in Hollywood, Margot Robbie, it is two dimensional. The story line surrounding her character does not pull the viewer in. She is fun to watch, but do we care to see her again? There mere fact that the question arise means the involvement or the seeking of a relationship has failed.

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Dolemite Is My Name – Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts

If you had the pleasure of watching Dolemite, the movie, then you will recognize the great cinematography with microphones appearing in scenes and the low budget special effects.  But, if you missed out on one of life’s great cinematic wonders or never heard of the comedic genius Rudy Ray Moore, you may question if the events in this film are true.  I promise, they are. 

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Joker – No Joke at All

It is hard to keep your seat when a standing ovation is so deserving.  The acting of Joaquin Phoenix along with the directing and writing of Todd Phillips are the best cinematic combination of the year.  The R-rating allows audiences to slowly digest the monstrosities of Arthur Fleck and his rise to infamy.  It is an observation of the turmoil in his life and how the cruelties lead him to his destiny of becoming The Joker. 

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