Author: Sean K. Mitchell

Since an early age, I have always been fascinated by movies. I can remember my mother taking me to see Jaws in 1975 and feeling very terrified as my knee hit hard into the seats as the shark attacked, not wanting to swim at the beach anymore (cliché, I know). But from that moment, I was hooked. To escape for a couple of hours and go on a whimsical fantastic voyage. To be so intensely transfixed by a movie that you forget who is around you, shouting at the characters on screen as if they can hear you. Your heart pounding because of the actions taken place on screen as if it were happening to you. Sure I watched shows such as "Rogers and Ebert at The Movies". I also read movie reviews from USA Today, New York Times, Entertainment News, Rolling Stone and my local newspapers; but, I was not very satisfied from the viewpoint in which the reviews were written. While I was sure that the critics writing those reviews were very established journalists and had been writing for quite a while, but I was and am just your average moviegoer. Again, I just wanted to escape for a couple of hours and become captivated by the film that I was watching. What about a review for that person? Being around the film industry from the exhibition side for many years, I got a chance to talk to a lot of people from customers to employees. There is truly a movie for everyone. So I wanted to write a review from a common theme point hoping to answer some basic questions. Would you take a date to this movie? Is this a movie for a group of friends or should this be something you watch alone? Is it a "boy's or girl's" night out movie. I hope you enjoy.