Bruno (2009)

The main problem that Bruno faces is that it will suffer from comparisons to 2006’s comedy hit Borat, which earned star Sacha Baron Cohen a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for writing the screenplay. I, unfortunately, was one of the many people that sat in the theater and could not help but to think about Borat. The comparison does not work in Bruno’s favor.

Sacha Baron Cohen brings another one of his altar egos to the big screen with Bruno. Cohen stars in the title role as the flamboyant Austrian fashion expert who is desperate to seek international fame. How will he do that? Take his show to America, of course! The film chronicles Bruno’s journey through Americ as he stops and talks to several different people about fashion, gay rights, and several other topical issues.

That is all the plot I am covering in my review. Normally I cover at least three to four paragraphs worth of plot when reviewing a film, but this 81 minute picture is not too heavy on plot, but more concerned with shocking the audience than telling Bruno’s story. Few people would consider Borat a deep, revolutionary film, but it did feature a much stronger plot and story than Bruno. And lets face it-it was just plain funnier. Bruno wants to be famous-end of story. Borat had other interests in hand, like learning about American is strengthen his own country.

Bruno is not completely devoid of funny moments, but their are too many scenes that have been included for the “shock factor” purpose, rather than comedic purposes. Borat was an outrageous film, with its fair share of crude humor, but Bruno simply overdoes it in just about every scene.

Yes, I have mentioned Borat just about has much as I have Bruno, but by the time Bruno ended, I felt as if I had seen the film already. The concept was not original, and never really interesting.

Borat may be so 2006, but it was so better.

Directed by: Larry Charles
Starring: Sacha Barron Cohen
Rated: R ( pervasive strong and crude sexual content, graphic nudity and language).
Rating (out of 10): 4\10

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