Once in a while, there comes a family film that does not rely on pop culture or toilet humor to sell itself. This is one of those movies. With “Paddington”, based the character of Paddington Bear by Michael Bond, is one of those rare movies that can entertain both kids and adults alike. There are some moments that do tend to be a bit on the crude side, but in all honesty, the movie is definitely a treat. “Paddington” is a real nice surprise from a market where bathroom humor and pop culture references are the main attraction.

The story involves a bear from Peru named Paddington (Ben Whishaw) whose home is destroyed in an earthquake, and now must go to London in order to find a new home. He then meets the Browns, and at first they seem a bit uncomfortable with him living with them. Yet, as more of his origin story is revealed, the Browns soon accept him as part of the family.

“Paddington” is definitely a surprising film to watch. The story is simple and the lesson learned by our main characters is one that is totally relatable. Speaking of, the main cast for this movie id a very good job in their roles. Heck, even Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor for all you Doctor Who fans, turns an over-the-top performance into someone who is very likable in the film. The visual and special effects are pretty cool and enjoyable; though one can clearly see that some of the camera effects were done in 3D, even if being shown in 2D is still a nice option. The comedy for this film ranges from witty dialogue to mostly slapstick which works within the context presented in the film. Yet the biggest strength that the movie has is its appeal. Generating an audience of families, the movie works well within its constraints in that the movie can appeal to pretty much everyone of any age group. “Paddington” is a good movie that families will most definitely enjoy.

However, there are some minor problems with emphasis on the word minor. There is a scene that has been used in pretty much all of the trailers where Paddington uses toothbrushes to clean out his ears, and everybody in the audience groaned at this particular moment. Yes, this scene does explain our main character’s curiosity, but it didn’t need to go into such graphic detail. Finally, Nicole Kidman, who plays our villain in the movie, just did not seem that threatening. If the character had a more villainous purpose, then she would have been likable.

In conclusion, “Paddington” is a movie that will surprise some, will more than likely entertain families of all sorts for years to come.

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