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Sex And The City 2: Comments

Sex And The City 2, this movie was probably the worst movie I have seen all year these are the type of people who if were real would really make other countries hate America even more this movie literally bothered me and left me feeling disgusted and it had me wondering as to why are people attracted to these materialistic disgusting women this movie is like a fantasy for a certain type of women where they do everything always together and in the middle of nowhere they drop everything leave their jobs and fly over to Abu Dhabi where they just become very one dimensional there either complaining about their problems which they do nothing to solve and there just being ignorant Americans by criticizing Abu Dhabi’s culture and seeking other people’s homosexuality it just seemed like they were targeting gay people wherever they went i think the director was really forcing this movie to target its gay audience which is not wrong at all but don’t force it especially in Abu Dhabi where they meet like a gay guy whose like almost cartoonish I didn’t even know the religion down in the middle east allowed someone to be this out and opened with their homosexuality but apparently in this move there are no rules and boundaries I’m not gay but if I were I would be offended by this movie they literally get to Abu Dhabi and start crying and complaining about their mediocre problems and just look at the less fortunate down there like their bugs and rodents but that wasn’t the biggest complaint for them at all oh no their biggest complaint is we need to hurry up and catch our flight before we have to ride in “COACH” wow are they serious if they make a third movie they should let Disney produce it because I found this to be just a fantasy world and the biggest let down of the movie is its two and a half hours long…..

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  1. Sorry about the run on sentence Mr. Simpson and to everyone who reads this I just had a lot to write on this movie and just wrote what came to the top of my head

  2. Ah a true fact indeed but, have you seen the box office this movie is doing pretty well in its first week. It is number two in the ranking behind Shrek it seems like this movie will make its money back. I don’t know any type of Americans like anyone in this movie but apparently theirs a lot of them.

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